I'm Not Wear Hijab Yet??

I'm a muslim and my country is majority are muslims. My country also consist other race such as Chinese and Indians which adherent of other religions. I'm 14 years old and mostly my friends wear hijab but only some of them like 2-3 people admit they don't wear hijab include me. My problem is my mother always force me to wear hijab and also some of my close friends. Actually, I'm not decline to wear hijab but I'm not ready to wear it. Since my family is come from Chinese descent, I'm not used to it. I'm more comfort with freeing my hair. At my country, all female muslims have to wear hijab at secondary school.But they may some of secondary schools at big city aren't require to wear hijab including those who are in primary school and college students. At my state, majority of female muslim students wear hijab, so I decided to wear although I'm not used to it. I'm so jealous and sometimes annoys me when some of my male friends at facebook posting status about they prefer girlfriends who wear hijab. So, that's why I'm more prefer and partial to Chinese boys. But I'm not a wild girl because I don't socialize much with people. Some of female muslims are socialize type and like to wear short hijab, T-shirt, jeans and they pin their brooch their hijab untill reveal their their b** cup-shape. Female muslims are inappropriate to do that because those attitude will ashame us as muslims. At least, although I don't wear hijab, I still can keep my pride as a muslim. So, people don't judge people label free hair as wild while you label people with hijab as angel. Those thought are actually wrong. Not all of us are perfect. All of us human always do wrong. I'm not get rid of people who are wearing hijab but I'm get rid of people who have wrong thought and I hope these group become open-minded person.
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Allah SWT in the Quran mandate both men and women to dress modestly. Thus not covering head or hair don't mean we dress sexily. Hijab if dress properly could be one way of dressing modestly.

Hence dressing modestly with or without hijab or dressing sexily with or without hijab is an individual choice. I do not covered my hair or head but I always try my best to dress modestly at all time in public.