Do People Truely Love Their Friends?

I asked myself this question the other night, and I was wondering if people really do love their friends. We hear it often, “I love you” and “you are my best friend. I would do anything for you”.

Are we to believe comments like that could actually be true, I think very few people mean it.

We know there are “friends with benefits”, “lovers that are friends” and “friends that are lovers”, is there such a thing as friends that have never met, but would do anything for their friend, Is there a love that strong and does it exist anywhere in the galaxy, I believe it could only happen here on EP.

Some say I’ll be there for you, others say I will help you if I can, some say trust me ( I never trust any one that says that), but we people here open our minds, our hearts, our secrets, our desires and fantasies, we ask for help in questions, and we give answers to try and help.

Occasionally we come across a contact and add them as a friend, without really knowing them at all. Is that what we really desire, to be anonymous, or are we seeking recognition or justification of our thoughts, The more we get to know people we either like or dislike them, as is in “normal” life. (The life outside EP). We either keep contact going or don’t ring or speak to them in the outside world,

here we can block and delete them, we all would like to do that to some in the real world I bet, Is this a fantasy world, or now i wonder is this the real word.

The people are real (well some of them) just like out there. Their stories are sometimes real, just like out there, here though we can pick and choose what we want to hear (read). On here we can walk away so easily, just click of it and it is gone. We can give it not a second thought if we choose.

Sometimes we “meet” a person, yet we have never met them at all, sometimes never even knowing what they look like, we form a trust that they are telling the truth about themselves, some of these people we question their authenticity, yet there is the odd one or two we don’t. Is this a complete madness or is there such a strong connection that the reality is not only in our head but somehow it gets into the heart as well.

Do we believe their bullshit, or are we competent enough to weed out the crap; surely we are all not that gullible to believe what a computer tells us....or are we?

I have more to this story but I would like to read peoples thoughts on this weird but strange thought

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2 Responses May 6, 2012

For me.. Be sincere and u will get the best in return... Cos I do believe what comes around goes around...

I agree with Sassy.....I absolutely love all my friends in the real world and have learned to love my friends on Ep just as much...granted, it did take longer for with some but I do love my friends....I think the big key to learning to truely "love" your friends is honestly finding out who your friends really are, like I honestly believe you are my friend cause I can tell you may take a little bit but I can and I do. Everyone is going to get hurt by someone who acts like they are your friend, but thats part of life and it just makes you more aware of people and more careful about what you share and who you share it with.