I Believe We Could Have Reformed Without Government Taking Over.

When 21 states initiated lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the Obama health care law earlier this year, critics denounced the suits as frivolous political grandstanding. They are changing their tune it seems.

The laws "individual mandate," which requires American citizens to purchase a government-approved health insurance plan by 2014 or pay a fine will probably be the cause of the downfall of the bill. I personally have yet to find a doctor who likes the bill,
Cases filed by 20 state governments and the National Federation of Independent Business in a federal court in Florida,

The judges considering the Florida/Virginia cases have both rejected the federal government's motions to dismiss the suits and indicating that the mandate can't be upheld based on current Supreme Court precedent.

Florida federal District Court Judge Roger Vinson wrote that the government's claim that the mandate is clearly authorized by existing Supreme Court precedent is "not even a close call." He points out that the power that the individual mandate seeks to harness is simply without prior precedent," because no previous Supreme Court decision ever authorized Congress to force ordinary citizens to buy products they did not want.

I know there needs to be reform in health care in America. I think there are better ways than a government take over.
The United States Government just can't run anything. Look at Social security, Medicare, Ect.
Much of the bill itself is full of earmarks that have nothing to do with health care. Something I believe Obama promised he would not allow on bills he would sign, but this isn't a Obama bashing post it is about his health care bill.
The way it was forced through congress was enough to turn many against the bill alone regardless of the content of the bill itself.
The number one priority is a recession is jobs. Not health care.

Reform is needed but the current bill is not the reform I would liked to have seen.
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Well all I have seen is the increase in healthcare costs and it hasn't even gone completely into affect.<br />
As for ear marks. I'm against all of them. Pretty much every piece of legislation this president has touched has failed terribly.

I always wonder with posts like these about exactly what you mean. Could you clarify exactly how the government could do a better job at running social security or medicare, or if should not do these things, how we should make sure old people dont eat dog food and die of pneumonia?<br />
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Could you point out what earmarks you ob<x>ject to and how the government could make sure that not only the rich have health care?<br />
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LadyNikolena... This health care bill tries to do exactly what you propose, lower the cost of insurance. The reason insurance is so expensive is that all the healthy people decide not to get it because it's too expensive. This law makes sure everybody has insurance and thus lowers the cost for everybody.

We seem to be making progress in the courts. Don't lose hope.