The Eternal Intellectual Sponge

That is me, I've always been sort of a technogeek when it comes to things electronic and mechanical.  Everything I've been interested in, I do lots of reading on, and spend hours doing it.

The general process starts with whatever interest it is.  Then leads to a certain form of madness that leads to me spending hours in books, on the internet, and dealing with the subjects of my desire

A good beginning of the experience started when I was four and moved into my first home that was a house.  I had an interest in outdoor power equiptment at the time, specifically lawn mowers, and used to find all sorts of nefarious means to get out of the house and walk around the block to go see what all my neighbors were using to cut their grass.  The next thing I know I'm able to identify any brand of power mower or engine from a distance.  Vulcan, Murray, Lawn Flite, Sycamore, did not matter, I could tell by deck style and the specific shape of the deck what mower it was, as well as the engine on top and it's horsepower rating if shown.

Of course, I got into cars like most young boys, and still kind of sort of am but have taken into specializing into my own particular vehicle as opposed to all of them.  I remember sitting on the bus and being able to tell people the displacement and how many cylinders a car had based upon the displacement or style of car.  If I did not know what it was I'd look for examples out there up close so I could figure out what it was. I built models, read books, and even got into trucks for awhile.  Now I'm researching on my own personal vehicle all the time, which just happens to be my first vehicle, with well over 250K on it.

Once I reached my teens I gained an interest in rock music, and not too long thereafter I wanted an Electric Guitar.  I started getting guitar magazines every weekend, and buying guitar books.  Then it grew into me spending a whole day between the only 2 music stores in town making noise on just about everything on the guitar rack, usually picking the amp with the pedals plugged into it to make my selection of sounds much easier.  Weekends were now spent at the local library perusing every website I could on all guitars, guitar history, and as I learned to play, I started absorbing decades of rock and roll music, later expanding into a little country, jazz, blues, and classical to keep things interesting.  Now I'm one of the better guitar players I know, and I know how my own gear works well enough I rarely have problems, and when I do, I usually know what to do.

As I've gotten older, my horizons have expanded to include everything from computers, bows, firearms, personal relationships, and various bits of historical trivia from all over.  What's so funny is as a failing student in high school, I was FORCED to learn stuff, now that I'm older, I prefer to teach myself, and that's how it is on most things.  I'm living proof public schooling with forced learning is not for everyone.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

I wish I could be like you when it comes to my interests :p