Getting Your 'S' On

I Do S Factor because...
  • *  I haven't had a chance to swing on a jungle gym for many, many years.
  • *  It makes me feel strong to know I can climb a 15ft pole and then hang upside down holding on with just my legs.
  • *  I like being upside down.
  • *  When you see how beautiful a woman is when she's comfortable in her body -- even if she weights more than 160 lbs, it helps you feel less judgmental about your own figure flaws
  • *  Celebrating your femininity when you've had a career in a "man's field" feels odd at first and then wonderful.
  • *  There's a warm, supportive community of rebel women.
  • *  It brings a whole new meaning to being "a lady in the parlour, an economist in the kitchen and a __(tart?)__ in the bedroom"  LOL!
  • *  I know, when I'm flirting with that cute guy at the farmer's market, that I could rock his world.  And that's enough -- even if he never sees me dance.
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41-45, F
2 Responses Aug 21, 2007

I'm moving to LA in a couple of weeks and I am so EXCITED to start taking the S-Factor classes. I've been wanting to do it for years (ever since I first heard about it) but I don't live in an area that's close enough to any of the studios for me to be able to go. There's several all over the LA area so I'm super stoked to get started with it. =D

what is the "s" factor? is that something like pole dancing? i've seen women hanging upside down from the poles....looks awesome.