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One time, at work, I was on a really long boring conference call. I had this suction cup thingy from a wall mounted whiteboard or something and I started absent mindedly sticking it to things and then pulling it off to hear it pop. Well, sticking it to your forehead is not a good idea. Gave myself a hickey and had to walk around the office with a big red mark on my forehead.  (It doesn't help when people are coming over, pointing and laughing either). :-)
geetar39 geetar39 46-50, M 14 Responses Jun 13, 2010

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lol, yep still my favorite

LOL.... men will be....boys..*grins*

No hurry CC. Anticipation is almost as good.

Oooh, I will go and hunt for one! I forgot! :( sorry geetar x X@

Hey CC! Glad you liked it. Still waiting on your chili recipe BTW. :-)

Giggle, loved the story X@

Come here Smugit. Let me show something fun you can do with this suction cup.

peeks in rolls eyes ...................runs away trips over! damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn scratches head is that suction cup? roooooooooooooooooo?

I know you will! You're a crafty one.

I dare you. <br />
Double dare.

Thanks FD. I've done the cup one too. Its just too tempting. My kids and I used to stick em to our faces at the dinner table and see whose would stick the longest. If you control the suction, the mark doesn't last long. :-)

I remember a girl at school doing something similar. Only her hickey was all over her chin from sucking on a cup! Yes it was great for everyone else but not her! 30 years later I still remember, so at least you've given lots of people a great thing to remember!!!!

Go ahead and laugh. I don't emberass easy. Not when I do dumb things like that.

ROFLMAO!! <br />
Sorry, I am laughing but......omg