Theres No Drawing The Line Between Rude And Truth..

Those who are narcissistic and self centered, can be the most selfish and ungrateful people in the world. Their true motto towards life is "me-me-me-i-i-i-want-want-want" and they hold out their hands as if they deserve to have something put there. How can people create a reality to focused upon the world revolving around them? AKA for example my uncle. Hes a burn out Alcoholic and Stoner that lives in a wonderful house on a thousand acre ranch, and expects his roommate to mow the lawn, clean the house, do the dishes, feed the chickens, fix the downstairs into another kitchen, clean up his dogs sh!t & ****...
He complains about the house being dirty, when hes the one being the slob not picking up after himself! he wants EVERYONE to just take care of him, and if he's home alone, he calls my aunt over to the house to clean, JUST BECAUSE he doesn't know how to clean himself!! Just recently I snapped at him and called him out on his ungratefulness. He told me to eff off and do the dishes while he sits on his ***, watching two and a half men, sipping on voldka and limeade... What an a$$hole...the family can't even stand him anymore... WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO WAKE HIM UP FROM HIS UNGRATEFUL REALITY?!
Leighou Leighou
Jul 31, 2010