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If you read about a few of my adventures,,growing up,,intuitively in tune with somethings that go in the spirit world.As i reached about the age of twenty-two, I encountered what many would call a "ghost".That made it self very well know by showing it;s face,deep within a window.and the anger was not nice that he was showing<And i wasn't  the only who seen this.I made a phone call to a well known psychic in my area,who made a free house call,to investigate this situation.

Thank-goodness she took care of this spirit,from that time on i learned about a wide range of forms some spirits could take,from earth bound spirits,to ghosts,poltergeist,all witch are energy(just like all things are).To know what some may call emotional implants.

To explain what emotional implants are<also know by other names.Example,a young girl is constantly worrying about life,so much so she is deeply consumed by it.And when doing so,,she sitting endlessly in her room. For what i;m going to refer to as a sensitive person. Comes into this room,in which this worry some young girl sat for many hours,she will pick up this emotion in some shape or form.I believe that energy,has memory.To explain a few of the gifts some sensitives have  clairaudience =the ability  to hear or perceive sounds or words from the the spirit world.Clair empathy=to sense or feel the attitude or emotions of another person.Clairgustance= to taste a substance without putting anything in to the mouth.,coming from the spirit world. Clair scent=To smell a scent or odor from the spirit world.Clair sentience=to perceive information by a feeling within the whole body with out any outer simulation.

Clair tangency more commonly known as psychometry.To handle an object or touch an area and perceive through the palms of ones hands,information about the item or it;s owner or history that was not previously known the person.After learning about a wide range of spirit forms,,and there are many others i did not list.I began to feel saddened by that many of these spirits were trapped,in this space.And decided to take classes by a reputable teacher on how to help,,when to help and what not to do,,when you or others are having situations,that are occurring in the home.For me,,i like to call this house clearing & cleansing.So yes,,you could say i do spirit rescue work.I get phone calls,,emails,and a few people knocking at my door all hours of the day and night,,asking for some shape or form of help,to help with some odd occurrence they are having,and feel comfortable with asking for help,from other without judging them for being nuts.



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Hi, i have felt as if everything was moving slowly but quickly at the same time. and then i hear voices. it sounds as if many people are speaking at the same time which makes their words difficult to make out.... I sometimes do this on purpose. i also feel a sort of squeezing nervous feeling in my heart and stomach for no apparent reason. I also get chills and see scary pictures for no apparent reason. things like a soaked girl who looks dead but can move and random thoughts, like of things that could happen like if someone slipped with the nail gun and it drove two nails one bouncing off the other and it stabs someone in the eye.I also hear my name called when nobody is around, see a silhouette of a man walk parallel to me in the corner of my eye.

Thanks for sharing RW. I agree that if a person is destined to work with the spirit world that they experience all manner of energies for their own better knowledge and understanding. Need to be able to know what could crop up if that's the path we take. Especially with spirit rescue work.

You maybe helping the fiscal but what about the spirit? what you are actually doing is sending that entity into a black hole and they maybe lost for ever without being able to resolve there issue?

sorry if I'm treading on anyone's toes here. In response to your question (above) I am also clairaudient. I didn't learn by today's conventional means as there is only so much you can learn in a class. My clairaudient abilities came at the age of 7 and have been with me ever since. One of the best ways I've found to fine tune your clairaudient abilites is this. Ground and protect yourself. Lay down in a quiet..but not overly quiet room. Close your eyes, relax. It sounds strange..but feel with your ears. Listen to you immediate surroundings and try to name everything you can hear, then slowly move away from your immediate area and go further out, what can you hear? after that further out. Can you still hear sounds? If you can what are they? again further out. until all the noise you can hear is accounted for and your ears will block out. You may come to the point of what I call a buzzing in your sounds very much like extrememly high frequency. This is what I like to call your spirit radio. Now raise your vibrations to that of the frequency you hear and spirit should come closer to make contact if you are on the right vibrational frequency. It may take time to master...but hey! everyone has all the time in the world! Enjoy!<br />
loads of love<br />
reikilight<br />

Your story is very interesting and enlightening to me. I've been told I have clairaudience, and suspected it for a long time, and have never known what to do, or how to deal with it. What kind of classes did you take, and how did it help you?