I Hear Dead People

I've been psychic since I was a child. Due to an abusive childhood I was always in the state of survival and lost touch with my psychic side but never stopped being interested in the supernatural.

Around fourteen years ago, I am now 46, after doing a lot of healing work I started to experience some awesome phenomenons.

One night after working out I went into our hot tub. My daughter had some friends over and they had brought some new friends my daughter did not know.

While I was in the tub. I heard inside myself "My name is Rose. I am the grandmother of a girl in there" I pictured a girl I had just met in my house. I started to see all kinds of images this voice Rose was showing me about her life.

She said if I was brave and told the girl what I had just witnessed that doors would be open for me. Meaning I would hear from those that passed on whenever I wanted to.

I hemmed and hawed quite awhile, all the while hearing Rose say "SAy it" over and over again until I couldn't stand it any more and I blurted out"Ok whose grandma just passed away recently?" The girl I had pictured while in the tub said"I did."

I said "Her name is Rose isn't it?" Immediately the girl's eyes opened like saucers and tears streamed out. "Yes ,how did you know? " I told her what I had experienced in the hot tub and all the images I shared with her turned out to be true.

Ever since then all I have to do is know the name and birthdate of someone who has passed and I can pretty much tell you all about them.

Unless of course that person was secretive in life. Cause in death thet are the same way and will tell me so.

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1 Response Nov 22, 2008

If i was to tell you about my recently passed husband,and his birthdate would you be able to tell me anything? i believe in spirits,I've seen spirits, but not my late husband