Buzzy, Tickly Things

I was seven years old; my younger brother was five.  We were standing at the kitchen counter looking for snacks and trouble.  My mom was planning on baking that day and had the ingredients and hand mixer all ready to go.  She wasn’t present at this defining moment which would prove to be one of the stupidest in my entire life.

Chumbly, as we called him for no good reason, had a closely buzzed summer haircut.  We called it a burr back in the day.  I picked up the mixer, turned it on, and put it on the top of his head.  He started laughing and getting all silly because it tickled so much.  I naturally wanted to experience this hilarity, so I put it on my head.  It really did tickle.  His turn again.  Childish laughter.  My turn.   The funny tickle buzz  became a lesson in masochism as my hair caught in the beaters and twisted right out of my head by the roots.  I ran up to my room sobbing in pain.  Not a few minutes later, I heard my mother’s terrified scream, “My God, Myonis!  What have you done?!?”

That was my first attempt at tickling myself with a buzzing, rotating appliance.  I learned my lesson well.  I have my own hand held appliances now, and I know how to use them. 

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15 Responses Feb 25, 2009

It's not funny, but thank you for the smile .... :-)

I know this club is free because I've already paid my dues. I think I did some drain bamage along the way. That's a good thing because I have a better understanding of my friends!

Now you know why Myo and I are friends, El!

I'm beginning to understand how truly disturbed you are, and may I say, welcome to the club!

That I am, as the story would certainly affirm!

um, not all sorts. Battery operated hand helds are a good thing. ;-)

Like me. This is just one story. I could write a book on childhood stupidity. I did jump off a roof when I was 11. I did sit in a dryer, but nobody turned it on. I never stuck my tongue in an outlet, though; just on an ice cube to see if it would stick. Funny, my mom never went gray and my dad thought I rocked.

No, I meant this TYPE of thing. You know; the kid who jumps off the garage roof thinking he'll fly after watching Superman. Or who wedges herself into the clothes dryer and then tells someone to turn it on. Or who sticks his tongue in an electrical outlet. The kind who make parents age prematurely!

Seriously? You know someone else who put an eggbeater on their head? I don't think anyone would be surprised it was me. My brothers will never let me forget it. Nicknames, references... Maybe I should show them my new tools and shut them up for good.

Man, there's always one kid who does this, isn't there? Why am I not surprised that it was you?

Oh, it hurt. It really, really hurt. I still get unheralded grief from my brothers over this one and we still laugh our butts off all these years later.

That is so funny! You tell the story so well I can actually picture it unfolding! Ha! Except of course for the part about ripping the hair out at the root, I'm with liveandlaugh25 on that one. I assume it all grew back. Kids really do the darndest things don't they?!

p.s. i wasnt laughing that you got hurt... just the situation.

hahahahahahahahahahahaha... if i had been your mom it would have been hard for me to help lol. i would have had to clean the pee off the floor. thats an awesome story!

It was a good learning lesson and now you can use your rotating device properly for tickling and other things as well! lol