This Is Why I've Been Trying to Rest More

me getting overtired is not a pretty sight. i become this clumsy, mouthy person who does (and even worse, SAYS) purely stupid stuff. i become very bitchy when i'm tired, and i tend to snap at people easily. then i'll start going off on them for other things that have nothing to do with the moment, and these are the times when i say many of the things i regret later. i went through a period where i wasn't sleeping enough and had way too many commitments at once, and i found myself to be a mean, cranky person then. i hate being like that, so i've tried to slow down a bit and realize that it's ok to take some time out when you need it to release the stress. and, if your body needs more rest, then give it what it's craving!  

runnagirrl runnagirrl
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

i do the same thing- its ok you are only human!

I am an idiot in the morning till i wake up. When i am tired i dont let it bother me because what it the point it is what it is. I just make sure i go to bed or something at a decent time. I have had to work from 7am one day till 2am the following morning. Tired would be a word there! I have learned that being a cranky a** gets me no where.