I Become Very, Very Stupid Indeed

Today was a good example. I was so exhausted in my maths class that as I was doing my work, I went into a semi-conscious half-asleep state. I found myself struggling to write down the answer to a simple problem. The thing is, I knew the answer, but this trance state was messing up the way I functioned. In this state, I start having crazy racing thoughts, that only make sense in the moment almost as if I'm caught in the place between dreamland and here. At one point, I caught myself writing "Bullocks" instead of a number and quickly crossed it out only for it to be replaced by some more gibberish. 

I had about ten crossings out before I finally manged to write the correct answer. The only reason why I managed is because my concerned teacher was peerin over my shoulder. 

Has anyone else experienced this bizarre state of mind??

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"She is arguing about how she hates Facebook"<br />
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THAT had me laughing outloud!!!!!!! Thanks!

Luckily someone had your back!<br />
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You know latin? Perhaps it was your internal voice. Were you feeling okay?<br />
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I have said things out aloud too. With me, it was more like weird questions that didn't make sense (in my mind, there would be a conversation between me and the unfortunate other person that DID make sense.) Not in class though. That would freak me out *hugs*<br />
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It can be pretty scary, just like you said. You suddenly realise where you are and try to remember what's been going on, but can't. The time's all disappeared.

Hehe, maybe...maybe...<br />
Funny what the unconscious can come up with.<br />
I once unconsciously wrote "She is arguing about how she hates Facebook" in my notes for English lit for Chaucer's The Wife of Bath!

Hmm...thank you for sharing. I didn't know that. I wonder why people use it to mean "rubbish." Strange that something like that should surface whilst I'm half-asleep and attempting some math.

AwakingDreamer - that must have been a very refreshing lesson lol. I have never in my whole life slept through an entire lesson! Surprised the teacher didn't attempt to show you up though. You probably looked too peaceful to disturb ;)<br />
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Lovesew1 - I understand that completely. It's like being on auto. You're off upstairs but the machinery keeps going. Haha...*sigh* It's not too fun.

It reminds me of one of my science class... the teacher was sooo boring, i couldn't follow anything anymore and felt like falling... falling to sleep, so i thought ill close my eyes for a minute, between classes.<br />
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And i was suddenly waken by the sound of closing door... i asked my brother, who sat besides me, "Oh, did it start allready? Felt like i only closed my eyes for a minute and time between classes was like 10 minutes.<br />
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He said "No, it just ended :D", I said: "Why the hell you didnt wake me???" ...cant believe i slept through all of it :P Felt kind of embarrassed ...i can picture it: Teacher trying to explain some vital science stuff and one schmuck sleeps at the last bench!<br />
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That was the first and last time!!

Yay! I'm not alone :D <br />
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I vaguely remember how the bullocks thing came about. There was some kind of profound conversation going on in my head and the voice - my internal voice - said something about bullocks. What it was about; I don't know. But it came out in my writing. I am not crazy, I assure you. Not that crazy anyway.

Oh my gosh! That happens to me ALL the time! I just zone out when I cant concentrate anymore. Its so strange. o_o<br />
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(and LOL. Bullocks. xD haha!)

Bullocks :D I wonder what your brain is thinking. Probably that it doesn't like doing math.

Yeah, we discussed this before. I surprise myself with the weird answers I come up with :) Bullocks?! Could have been my subconscious. <br />
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It is very freaky. That video makes me think too much. I need to think about things like that in little chunks - but I get thoughts on it all the time. "my brain is wondering what it's even doing inside of my head" - oh gosh, you have an existential brain! I understand though; it's all these strange thoughts...

"how did I get where I am? And what was I doing?" That's a fitting description of my mind sometimes as well. I don't think I've written strange stuff as an answer on a test ever. If anything, I just become too tired to write anything at all. I just stare empty mindedly at the paper.<br />
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I think I've discussed this bizzarre state of mind with you before, haven't I? We talked about it a great deal in some letters a while back. I get into a similar state too, except mine is even more distant and my brain is wondering what it's even doing inside of my head. Kinda reminds me of the youtube link you just sent, about how reality is an illusion of our minds. Freaky :S

Lol! I know, I was so confused that every time I looked at the page, I still hadn't written down the answer.<br />
Another time, I wrote a whole load of notes for english. The next day, I realised that all the "notes" were actually little squiggles that bore a passing resemblance to words. I tried and failed to translate them.<br />
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Tiredness does weird things to you. It's like your body goes on auto whilst your brain takes a break.

Bullocks? Lol!! I've don't things like that too...but not ten times in a row I must say. I do however, forget what I'm doing when I'm tired and find myself standing around wondering "how did I get where I am? And what was I doing?"