I Must Get Some Sleep!

What I am talking about here is sleep deprivation.  We need sleep in order to help rejuvenate and heal our bodies, and most importantly our brains.  In order for optimal brain operation you really need a fitful nights sleep, of which I have been lacking for several nights in a row, not because I don't want to sleep, more because I just cant seem to de-stress and sleep.  The whole not sleeping is exacerbated by insisting on tapping on the computer, and being mesmerized by the flickering lights on the screen.

 I am thinking the end result is now a very foggy brain, which leads my thoughts on a merry dance of confusion and a body which is constantly feeling the need to lie down on any available sofa, bed, chair or floor.

So not only have I fallen asleep sitting up, put out the wrong school uniforms for the wrong children; I am sure my 15 year old will not fit into my 4 year old clothes, nearly let the dog out this morning while the chickens were out...she would have eaten them....and stood in the open pantry wondering what I was looking for...WAKE UP you are making school lunches..but I had the most confusing conversation with someone, which left me wondering...okay so what was all that about? And I know they are too! Still now hours later I am thinking I was merely babbling, bleary-eyed and just plain bonkers!

Time for an early night....I really must get some sleep.

The warning label reads....Please Do not talk to this person while they are sleep deprived, they will only drag you into their crazy mind.


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7 Responses Sep 10, 2009

Better to feed the growing boys anyhow. My belt feels a little tight, and it's not an overly stuffed wallet causing it :)<br />
Good night.

All this talk of sleep, or lack of it, er forgot what I was going to say. Better get some sleep myself. Hope you save some of those brownies for us :)

I so know how you feel..Everyone assumes a round 9:oclock that I turn into the craziest person. I laugh at everything and can cry too...I just get dilerious. My friends are starting to see a pattern with me on late nights..I just dont function normally..And i know what its like to feel so tired that you are on drugs it seems..You just want to lay down WHEREVER!

We all do these silly things when we are sleepy---Lol

Mmmm, just a thought...perhaps you should get your iron levels checked out.<br />
<br />
Yes, undies are a problem in our household. Teenage daughter finds nickers in mother's draws, boys find undies in each others, Roj is safe for the moment until the boys grow a bit more. There was so much complaining and so many socks going missing that I had to devise a system where all the jocks and socks get washed together on a Sunday (the kids have a roster) and then they have to sort them out for themselves. Also, this way it you don't have seven sets of underwear in the wash on Sunday, you are short for the next week and you need to spend your own pocket money replacing lost items!<br />
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I'm soooo mean!

NS - I am a bit of an artist. My ambition is to be a garden/landscape designer, so I guess my palette is plants and hardscape.<br />
<br />
I attended a painting workshop a few weeks ago and surprised myself by painting quite a good impressionist painting. When I showed my kids they said "Get lost! YOU did not paint that!" and my ten year old said, "Mum, you should have been an artist instead of a gardener!"<br />
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Gosh, I'm like this on a normal day - staring blankly into a room, fridge, pantry and wondering why I am there. <br />
<br />
And I can rarely keep track of a conversation!<br />
<br />
I've been told that there is too much "noise" occuring in my brain...but I think this is just a nice way of telling me that I am vague. I've been always known as a dreamer.<br />
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Funny about the clothes mix up. LOL. I have this problem too. My daughter was VERY cross last night. Apparently, I ALWAYS put her clothes into the boys draws and SHE HATES IT WHEN THEY WEAR HER CLOTHES!@#$@. Brothers are another speicies and apparently they wreck everything! She storm around the house for half an hour, then, as I was trying not to pay too much attention, put her name on the offending articles and stormed off to bed.<br />
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