i'm completely in favor of male homosexuality it gives me less competition for the ladies LOL now i have a problem with bisexual men if you guys want to be gay that is fine but don't be bringing aids to straight women so they can give it to straight men that just ain't fair at all.

in all seriousness i don't have a problem with homosexuality....i don't really understand men who are homosexual i kinda agree with the joke Sam Kinison once told on a show when he said "How does one man look at another man's hairy *** and find love??" LOL i understand female homosexuality completely. Why would a woman really want to be with a man anyway they have toys that can do everything we can do for them.

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It is kind of like a sword fight or pistols at dawn. What is so difficult? Are you from another planet? You don't have to be one. That doesn't mean you don't understand it. It starts out like body-building and a person does a lot of comparison. I don't have a nice body, but I wasn't ugly or anything twenty years ago. I'm perhaps atypical. Alot of gay men are obsessed with there looks and body image and are perfectionists. Look smashing well into there 50's.<br />
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I noticed I was checking out men instead; all the time but I still wanted to get laid and have a family. I also noticed I had no inhubitions around woman, and felt nerveous around guys and worried about what they thought. I studied sociology. Some gay men back stab and act like chicks and some don't. We are all socialized a little differently. The nature/ nurture thing and knowing which behaviors are learned and which drives are instinctive is an artform. That is part of my sexuality too. Are you still confused now? <br />
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Most of us are educated and grew up in a safe environment. Some say absent father. Mother was independant and had freewill of her own. I was a middle child and my mother stop hugging me when I was 4 years old and I didn't need help bathing anymore. I told my mother I loved her twice my whole life. The second time she knew she was dying. Today I live with my father and my lover and all of our friends and he sings in the choir at church. I'm active in AA. All of my closest friends have relapsed. I'm a good enabler and make coffee for my homegroup. Sometimes I will try to do things other than alcohol to passify the obsession and cravings. I call it desire. Buddhism helps me more than the steps. I am looking for acceptance and understanding when I meet someone.

I am bisexual and I don't have any std's, neither have I ever had any. <br />
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In my younger days I slept around a bit but never massively by some people's standards.<br />
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I am in a monogamous relationship these days, so I don't sleep around at all. <br />
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It is wrong to equate bisexuality with promiscuity - not at all the same things.

no most homosexuals don't have aids or they would disappear pretty point was that it would be more likely for a woman to get aids and give it to another man if she has been with a bisexual man. you cannot deny that aids is much more prevalent in homosexual men than it is in the general population (at least outside of the third world anyway) the only population segment that probably has a higher occurence of the disease is drug users who share needles. <br />
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as a further note i would HOPE in this day and age that more people both homosexual and straight are using protection and limiting the number of sexual partners to one at a time. in my opinion not using condoms and jumping from one bed to another in this day and age is like playing russian roulette (no offense to russians) worse actually because in russian roulette you are generally only taking a chance with your own life.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. Why can't bisexuals be respected people? Because they give people AIDS? That sounds like a ****** up generalization. In a way, it sounds like you're implying that most homosexuals have AIDS.<br />
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I don't doubt you're a funny guy, or even a decent one, I'm just slightly disturbed by that comment.

I'm the same. I don't understand it, but feel they deserve to be treated with the same respect that anyone else deserves.<br />
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I have been mistakenly identified as gay before, so I have some inkling of the negative behaviour that they cop from time to time.<br />
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Some people can't tell the difference between a straight, educated, gentle man and a gay male. I'm not fond of watching football; that probably doesn't help either.

i support it too. i really dont think our noses should be in their buisiness!!