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I'm a welder, I've had 34 odd years of experience, because welding is a bit of an art to do it right> I learn many different way of doing things and like all welders with any time on the job. We all learn a slightly different style. but there always seems to be a new guy (boss or welder) who knows how to do  the faster and better. when the truth is they don't know nothing. So after a bit well work life tends to bleed over to off hours and I live my kinda like an art like welding. So I can help live my own way and at my own speed deadlines or no. Welder lol people with attitudes

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2 Responses Jul 30, 2009

cool. my son just learned welding in shop class. he loves it! he talks about welding alot too, helped kids in class who were scared of welding, and likes to identify and name welding equipment he sees on back of trucks and etc.

lol I always play with fire it's fun when you don't get burn and more of a challenge when you do