Salvia And Death

Salvia is a legal plant.  Basically, it's a house plant.  But, if you dry out the leaves and smoke them, you can go on a little trip. 

A few years back I was trying to find some legal alternatives to weed.  After my boyfriend (at the time) and I both did some research, we decided that I should try Salvia.  Online, my boyfriend ordered the Salvia in two different forms for me:  leaf and (what they call) "extract."  The extract was supposedly more potent than the leaves and comes in, like, a powder.  Everything that I read about smoking the plant gave very specific instructions on how to smoke it (how many leaves, what kind of pipe to use, how to hit it, where you should a comfortable, soft place in case you take one hit and zone you don't get hurt on anything.)  Every piece of literature I read stated that, even after hitting one leaf one time, a person could start tripping.

When my Salvia came in the mail, my boyfriend (who has always been completely drug-free) and I laid a blanket in the back yard.  It was Autumn and all the leaves were still burning on the trees.  I was a little scared.  But, I wound up smoking about 5 whole leaves and, for about ten minutes, experienced some mild, I guess, what you would call hallucinating.  All that happened, really, was that I got a little dizzy and all the colors around me seemed to become more vibrant, velvety (sort-of) and everything seemed to be popping out at me, like I was inside of a 3-D movie.  It sucked.

Well!  This past summer, my 18-year-old son graduated from high school.  I've never advocated drug use with my children but I've always been extremely realistic, we have always been very open with each other about it.  My son's a great kid!  He was awarded a full ride at a prestiguous college.  He's an outstanding athlete but, all his scholarships monies were awarded to him because of his academics.  The poor has worked SO hard (his ENTIRE life) to get to where he's gotten, I really wanted him to just relax and enjoy his summer....before his life completely changed.  I encouraged him to invite his friends over a lot.  They burned a few fires.  Most of his friends are also really smart, grown-up and responsible & I know them all pretty well (as well as their parents.)  One night, one of my son's friends called him and I overheard their conversation:  They were talking about smoking Salvia.  I figured, "If these kids were gonna be smoking that stuff, it'd be better than them drinking...I told my son they could do it out by the fire.  I figured it'd be better if they were in a safe environment, with an adult.  Plus, based on the experience I'd had with it, it really wasn't about anything at all.  So basically, I thought I'd just be humoring them.

HA!  His friend brought over some extract.  There were six of us.  One agreed not to smoke and then only 2 of us hit it first, while the others watched to make sure everything was safe.  Me and the friend who had brought it over were the first to go (since both of us had already tried it.)  I hit the pipe twice, I think....maybe once.  OH.  MY. GOSH!!!  Within, maybe FIVE minutes, I started feeling really weird:  First, I just started uncontrollably laughing....the feeling sort of reminded me of when I used to do whip-its with a friend of mine when we were kids....  But, then, really ****** up **** started happening!  It's so hard to explain but, it felt like my body was divided into two, distinct halves, from the top of my head, all the way down.  The left half remained fairly normal-feeling.  But, the right felt like the right half of my whole body was becomig paralzyed and I started falling over in my chair to my right.  It felt like the whole right side of my body was shrivelling up and right wrist was bent and my arm started folding against my a stroke victim.  Even straight down the center of my tongue and mouth, I could feel the line that separated the right half of me from the left half of me.  I started panicking.  I felt like half of me was dying.  I broke out in a TERRIBLE sweat and started getting super dizzy and nauseous.  I was TERRIFIED!  I just SWORE that half of me was dying or dead.  I stopped laughing.  I called out to them.  The other kid that smoked with me couldn't sit still.  I couldn't hear what he was saying.  All I was really aware of was the fire and my horror....I was vaguely aware of the other kids jumping up when they saw how me and the first kid responded to hitting the pipe and anxiously walking toward the kids, "Gimme the pipe!  I wanna try it!!"  I just kept saying, "No!  No!  Don't do it!!!  Please!  Don't do it!  Something's wrong!"  But I couldn't move...I just stayed slumped over in the chair.

The other kids waited until the two of us came down and we described our experiences to them.  After I told them exactly how I had felt, I told them that I really felt like some bad stuff was happening in my brain chemistry to make me feel the way I did.  I strongly urged all of them not to try it.  But, they were determined.  The kid and I made everyone move their chairs away from the fire before they hit the pipe.  The rest of the kids hit it a few times, waited a while then continued hitting it because they said they didn't feel anything.  Then, one by one, I watched the drug take effect on them.  My son slumped over the same way I did.  I took pictures of him because I wanted him to see how un-natural it was.  With all the other kids, they couldn't really communicate while they were under the drug's boy just kept yelling at everyone to "Move!  Move!  You're in the way!" but he couldn't say anything else.  After they came down, they related their experiences.  My son said that the whole time, he felt like he was on a train track....rolling along on a train track but that he had somehow gotten of the track and he was trying, the whole time, to "get back on track."  They other kid said that there was a giant plug trying to plug into him and all the people were in its couldn't reach him...that's why he was telling everyone to move.  My son analyzed all of our experiences.  HE said he thought I was experiencing the depth of losing his father....that it felt like half of me was dying/dead because that's how I feel about it truly was a part of me that died with him.  About himself he said that the whole experience symbolized how he had actually been getting off-track in his own life (since graduation.)  And, his friend, who is gay, he explained that he needs to stop letting other people get in his way...that he should stop worrying about what other people think and ...just..."plug-in" to himself.

My son seemed pretty impressed with the drug's ability to tap into our subconsciousness.  I had to admit (to myself) that there seemed to be a lot of ironic truth to his anayses.  But, we talked at length about it.  Being a bit more experienced with drug use, I convinced him that something wasn't right with that plant...that he should NOT be smoking it.  I mean, anytime a drug takes you completely out of your mind like that, where you can't even control your own body, it's potentially dangerous. 

I felt really badly advocating the whole scene.  But, the only reason why I did is because I didn't know.  I didn't know it was really that powerful.  It was a HORRIBLE experience and one that I will NEVER try again!!

I think I'll just stick with weed.  But, I'd like to relate my first (and only) experience with ecstasty, too...

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Anyone wanting to experiment i would recommend doing it blindfolded is the best was of protecting yourself from being freaked out and have one good friend with you can be good. Being aware of the physical world when entering the spiritual will cause you to panic. To fully appreciate the journey your about to take requires complete trust that you will return safely. <br />
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Salvia in its extracted form isnt entirely "spiritual" although i havent smoked it in its natural strength. extracting i think is somewhat artificial and manufactured - so its effects are greatly exaggerated. i wrote a journal of my 3 month experiment, some trips were good, some bad.<br />
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what interests me most is that i formed my own views and theory on death and what might happen after. i think the experience of salvia both biologically and spiritually (i imagine) is like dying - but this isnt a negative view. The other significant effect is on dreaming, Using the drug greatly aided my ability to unlock lucid dream, even after 3 years of not using my abilities continue to grow stronger.<br />
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I find it very interesting when people talk about "dying" with salvia. The physical effects of your body shutting down (pins and needles, dizziness etc) could be a similar simulation of death. after this happens you then enter the trance state, similar to a coma (depending on how much you took).<br />
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salvia is a divine teacher used by spiritual leaders since the beginnings of civilization. <br />
My views on the afterlife came clear after experimenting from having many experiences of traveling through the universes and portals. Once i remember vividly hearing a woman (symbolic of "mother nature") telling me "it wasn't my time and i should return to my friends".<br />
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(when experiencing a proper trance state) I wonder - does smoking salvia simulate the experience of death without dying? and when revived do we see and learn about the mistakes we are making in life?

Boutinik: grow a brain. You can't, nor should you try to, protect your kids from themselves. Sounds like your kids need someone to protect them from you!<br />
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Mystic: I'm glad you were willing to supervise your kid's experience. From what you said of his insights, he seems to have a very impressive mind, you've done a good job with him.<br />
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The Salvia state is a lot like a dream, and the lessons is has to teach are very similar to what you can learn by developing a high dream awareness, with only 1% of the discipline required. Bad dreams happen too, and they can be just as horrible as what happened to you, but I wouldn't let that stop me from trying to experience my dreams.<br />
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An interesting side effect I've noticed from Salvia use is a kind of amplification of the dream state. The sensations experienced in dreams just seem so much more intense for days after a Salvia trip. I had an intimate encounter in a dream the night after I'd smoked some 20x, and holy wowakazowa! XD I won't get into details, but... wow... intense.<br />
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All in all, Salvia is a powerful scary lady, but I wouldn't let that deter me from learning what she has to teach.

Very good story to understand the less fun part of salvia. I have tried salvia twice and it was fun, I laughed uncontrollably and felt a mild hallucination. I will sure try do it again. I'm sorry that your experience didn't go so well, but everyone has diferent reactions to drugs I just think you shouldn't be afraid of it, it's definitly a powerfull drug, but not harmfull.

mystic writer- you sound like a very decent person, with your childrens saftey a prioraty ,wether it be what they do now or what they might do in the futer and boutinik is just a hipocritical ignoramous

i wanted to explain my experience a little too... and i think its understandable that people get freaked out, because this herb honestly changes your vibration. the physical realm we're in, our bodies included, vibrate at a pretty low fequency, and meditation and salvia focus your mind, your energy, and heighten your vibrational level... most people aren't ready to see the things salvia wants to show you... most people think it will be a fun or interesting high, or a hallucinagen or something... which its not... someone above mentioned that its not a social drug or a party drug, and its not at all... id feel weird having anyone around at all... to me it felt like a personal quest... i went into it seeking some personal and universal truths, and i literally nearly transcended the physical world... <br />
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in my opinion, if you know what you're getting yourself into with salvia, if you do your homework, you shouldnt be too scared... i'll admit, it even freaked me out, only because what was presented to me was so fast and so intense nothing in the human experience could prepare me for it. im definitely doing it again, but i'm still, 3 weeks later, analyzing and learning from my experience... im not going to go into detail, but i will if you ask... i will say that i had "someone(s)" telepathically communicating with me... as i struggled to harmonize all the vibrations i felt, i felt in my mind to "keep going" and i was "doing it" and i was "almost there"... it still gives me chills... in a good way... <br />
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also, to the woman above, i understand your perspective as a parent to feel the way you do, but i think mystic writer is completely justified in her choice to host the event, because the kids will do it regardless, so why not make it safe? salvia isnt an ilegal narcotic, its a shamanistic ritual herb, and should be used with care... not at some party and abused... as for trying it with them, high five on that one too... at least you shared the experience with your son, probably not one you'll soon forget...

my husband and I tried just leaves..not the extract...just the leaves alone freaked out my husband...I don't like it...I think the stuff is wierd and I want to flush the rest down the toilet...<br />
<br />
I would NEVER allow my son and his friends to experiment with any type of drugs in my home...and I also would NEVER do them with them...WTF ...are you his mother or his friend???<br />
<br />
I think this drug is dangerous and there isn't enough research on made me sleepy for a whole was worse than LSD in my eyes...who would want to have that experience again...don't let your smart kid do probably burns tons of brains cells or something...<br />
sorry about seeming mean but I think you as a parent need to be a parent...meaning you have to have rules about these things...could you imagine if one of those kids got would be in JAIL!

I'm really sorry to hear it was so unpleasant for you... I must admit every time I've had salvia there have been distinctly unpleasant aspects, but that seems to gradually diminish each time as it is replaced by more and more understanding of what's going on. If you read my story you'll see i've had some bad times on salvia, but it has also provided me with the most enlightening, consciousness-expanding experiences of my life.

Lol.... you had me gut rolling on the floor.. Welll not literally but the whole office was looking at me a bit strange.... I can relate so well with that.. I have tried salvia a couple times and its a very very intense weird out of body and mind experience... thanks for sharing..; )

thank you so much for your input!!!

I did not really enjoy my very first time either, but I think Younger has a point...sometimes the unknown is what we fear and tend to label negatively, when really...we've just not reached a point of understanding all aspects. Salvia is NOT a toy, and is definitely not to be hallmarked as a "drug" or a "high", and certainly not in the recreational or social category. It's more of a session, a journey, a very sacramental exploration of the concsiousness which to many including myself can offer some great benefits in the afterglow. On the flip side, this really only leaves it safe and appropriate for the folks who wish not to get high, but TO specifically explore concsiousness, and disassociate from the body and allow the sleeping yet active mind to journey, as it actually does need to. Humans in an average lifetime won't use even twenty percent of the brain. Pretty amazing, but to some, disheartening to think, we use things like meditation, spiritualism, and salvia to tap into this section that most will never have the opportunity to discover. Evolution just hasn't quite put us there yet, but it will. Outer body is a phenomenon taking years of meditation to accomplish. I am sure the Shamans were highly appreciative of the herb for it's delivery of this milestone in their practices much quicker. Still are. I fully respect the medicinal and remediole properties in marijuana, although I don't care for it myself. Salvia Divinorum has some very beneficial properties as well. Sorry you had a bad one...I wish it hadn't left that impression on you, because although you may not believe me... it has helped me hugely, and I only want that for others. I hope maybe someday the opportunity finds you to feel different. But until then, hey... this is America and I fully stand by your right to say how you feel... I mean that sincerely. I also really think your story was so well put, that it will hopefully leave an impression on some of the folks out there who use it and truthfully, are not emotionally or physically mature enough to handle it's intensity in a responsible and safe manner... Thanks, because that could save someones safety and life while preserving the legality of what I pretty much think is a neat and sacred herb. <br />
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Salvia is defiantly a (NATRUALY) drug you should not mess around with. I have used it around 10 times or so and every time it is different, but sometimes things in my other trips will appear in my new ones. Many people do not under stand the drug so there for they think it is bad. But ones you have such a amazing trip it is mined blowing! You wont even know what to think let alone say. Yes you had a bad trip but most people have a bad trip, or yet your trip was just trying to tell you something like (you said) and it was not intended to be scary but you thought of it being scary? I would try it again, but only when you are ready and want to.

Yea, salvia is probably the most unpleasant drug I have ever used. It makes me feel like an insane person.