Although I

haven't tried many drugs, I've done much of the drugs I have tried. This includes Xanax, Vicodin (these two were my earlier experimental drugs), Marijuana (what i have substituted for oxygen for the past year), and much more recently, Salvia.

I am not interested in synthetic drugs, although I have had many opportunities and probably will be curious enough to try ecstacy before I go to college. I'd rather try shrooms though, which is actually the next thing I want to try, so maybe this week or next. :)

I don't think that doing a lot of drugs is necessarily cool, but i think drugs like weed (which is so gentle i'm amazed its illegal) actually help you.. a lot.

Ive gained so much perspective from those substances that i can't regret having tried them.
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Most drugs are ok in moderation. I have to avoid them tho, I have rather an addictive personallity... When u try shrooms tho, make sure ur in a relaxed familiar place with a least one sober person. It's NOT a party drug and if theres too much going on u could freak out. U need to chill out and just enjoy it

i mean, it really depends on how you react to it. sometimes its worth it and sometimes its not. i wouldn't ever recommend doing anything too heavy, but "lighter" substances that have no potential to get you physically addicted should be fine for the most part.

Really it depends. I've had some very bad expiriences with marijuana and I don't think I'd ever want to try again for some years. <br />
I was also thinking of trying shrooms. Did you try them, how was it?

NO FECKING WAY DOES NUTMEG WORK!!! dude! i saw that on manswer on spike tv im like sheeet son... so i got my sis to smoke a joint of it, AHAHAH, she's like it just tastes like crap and hurts my throat, drugs can be ******, it all depends on who is on em.

If you like them for the experiences, don't bother with ecstasy, it's just a stimulant. Makes you 'feel' good for awhile. Try something like nutmeg instead. Cheap, legal, and pretty powerful. Good luck on your psychonaughting!