Only Ever Female Panties..

I first got into female panties, in what I guess was the useual way; Trying on my MOthers, and my older Sisters. I kind of ignored it though, for many years, in my twentys, but now, I think for about five or six or more years, I've gradually gone more and more over to owning and wearing just female panties.
I keep a supply of male pants/knickers, which I have to wear sadly when I'm away from home, say at my parents, where I may have to have my knickers washed whilst I'm there, but asides that every day is female panty wearing day.
I've got a moderate collection, though am building on it all the time; I really like very plain female cotton panties, with a decent coverage over my bum; these are my 'everyday' wear, and I find them so comfetable, that for that reason alone I'd never want to go back to mens i knickers.
I just took delivery today, of a multi pack of 5 pairs of these female 'briefs', I liked they as they were on offer, and they're100% cotton (well minus whatever percentage gets taken up by the elastic). They're nice and plain, for my everyday wear, but loverly colours (pinks, purples, reds and some light blues), and soem of them have pretty little 'bows' on the front.
The last set I bought before these was a set of more skimpy, and lacey feel ones, with little coverage over the bum area, or the sides, and really its too cold to be wearing them at the moment...
I've maybe half a dozen assorted thongs too, mainly in pinks, and mainly very frilly, I wear when its warmer and I'm in the mood.
I've also a half dozen or so various black female panties, all kinds of styles (half of which I probably don't know the m nams for), which have a loverly soft feel, but I don't think they're cotton.
Then I've my favorite 'sexy' panties; three pairs of faily full coverage style ones, in lace, with tons of patturning, and bows, and little roses on them, and lace trim, which I really like, and then a couple pairs of crotchless ones, with huge flower sort of 'booms', on them, which are nice and pretty, and I've probably a ton more I can't remember, lurking about in the back of the drawers...
Oh,m and a couple of very femanin G-strings, in black, whcih I wear from time to time, especially if I'm wearing my black/red/purple babydoll dress, as that suits together really well, especially if I@m wearing stockings...
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Jan 16, 2013