I Work At It

When I turn into Rayanne, nothing feels better than to wear the sexiest clothes that I can find. Of course this includes short skirts (if you can't tell what color and kind of panties I have on if I bend over at all, it's too long), low cut tops (if you don't see a bit of my bra, it isn't low enough), high heels that say CFM (yes in capitals), dark or fishnet stockings, heavy makeup, whatever makes me look sexier (and isnt' slutty part of that). And I wear breast forms that are sure to attract attention to my chest. Most of this ends up being for only my own pleasure, because I don't often go out as Rayanne. But if I am visiting a man, I am there for one reason. And if my clothes don't make that obvious, I'm doing something wrong.
RayanneA RayanneA
56-60, M
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add me please

Add me to your circle please! Love to see some pics! :) Added you to mine. ;)