So Who Am I

Some time I forget what I am, suppose to be. So concerned with what society requires of me. Filled with worries that if I don't succumb to those needs. I will not  process the future that is desired. To be successful and accomplish all my dreams.

So I asked why, I was once told by a teacher that when you want to know why you will know how. So I ask why and the answer comes while I'm watching a movie. During this movie I've come to a point that I don't know if my choices are right. I have asked this question why when I followed my decision from signs.

The answered given in sign is an answer that I no longer stop to ask why. I feel right and heard. I then cry in secret JOY. Touch in a way that others may feel too much to comprehend as normal.

I ask who am I. Do I have the ability to ask and experience answers that seem unnatural. Do I not need to think as it is ready for me to live my purpose to unseen guidance.
jerkina jerkina
36-40, F
Dec 16, 2012