Yes, I Do It All The Time

It's chilly today. I decided I would wear tights and my bra and new panty girdle.   Decided to wear matching panties before putting on my new black tights.  Oh how I love the feel of the tights on my legs.

I added my breast forms and they filled out the bra nicely.  I decided to wear corduory pants as I knew I would be scraping frost from the windshield.  Think I'll wear my new top and a sweater since it's cold outside.   Put on my ladies watch and about a dozen bracelets to add a little color to the outfit.    No noticeable snow on the ground so I can wear my clogs as I know I would be walking around the mall.  Grabbed the red winter parka - that will keep me warm until it gets above freezing.

I also wanted to make an appointment with Lyn at the bank to review some investments she may be recommending.    I started towards the credit union and the bank to make deposits   Made the depositis and got talking to Nadia at the bank.  She has seen me in dresses beofre so no problems.  I waited as another customer finished her transaction.  Nadia is small in stautre with olive skin and raven colored hair.

Off to the credit union to make the appointment.  I was fortunate as Lyn had two openings.  Had some time to go shopping and get a few gift cards at the mall.  Made it and parked near an entrance.  As I walked in the Avenue A store had a clearance sale going on plus sizes.  Oh, hope they have something in my size I thought.  Found some tops and took both of them in my size.  Started looking at the jeans but they were not the stretch kind.  They were skinny jeans and just did not look like they would fit or be long enough.  And they were half price but retail was awfully high.

Not knowing if the Avenue store was related to Avenue A I thought I would look at the bras and panties.  Alas they only ran in small/medium/large so I was out of luck.  Did chat with the sales associate who turned out to be male.

He told me that Avenue was a separate store.  The last time I shopped the Avenue they did have some nice bras and panties and lingerie.  Well, off to Victoria Secret to get a gift card.

Arrived and the store was empty.  There were three young women at the counter helping another womean customer return  several bras and charge them on a different credit card.  Saw the gift card display and selected one for the gift.  One of the other two associates asked if I'd like help and I replied yes.  I handed the gift card to her and she rung me uo.   She found a great VS box for the card and asked it there was anything else she could do.  I asked her about the largest size bra they carried and it was too small.  How about online I asked.  Got the same answer that I expected.  She did comment to check back as they may have larger sizes in the future.

Back to the car but I did stop at one of the maternity stores to see what they had in plus sizes.  Well, the plus bras were buy three and get one free,  The sales associate helped me pick out two bras in beige with a t back style and two bras in white in a size 3X.  I asked her what band size they were and she asked me what size I wear.  The sizes did match,  I picked out a pink long sleeve top and a green one and then saw a animal print stretchy top.  She asked me if she could start a room for me and I said thank-you sure.

I tried on the tops first and the lenght was good.  Then tried the bras and the fit was comfortable.

I noticed they had a promotion going on and I asked about it.  I had enough to qualify.  I paid for the tops and the bras and she thanked me.

Back to the car and to the credit union for my appoiontment.  I arrived in plenty of time.  I checked in and wwas sent to the second floor.  Checked in with the office manager and she notified Lyn I was there.  After a few minutes I went in and removed my parka.  Lyn commented on the jewerly I was wearing and I thanked her.  They had a holiday dinner later so were wearing festive outfits and jewerly.  We chatted for about a half hour about investing and options that are available that have tax free or tax deferred benefits.  She did have a nice smile.

She had  a couple of suggestions so now I have some work to do.  Well, perhaps, I'' check out the web site for more information over the next few days.



jml2000 jml2000
61-65, M
Dec 13, 2012