Appealing To You

I desire to be appealing to you.  I beckon you into my soul, and as you follow, I am beautified.  You’re the light that dances in my eyes, sometimes softly, other times wildly.  As you accept who I am, enjoying the good and letting yourself be amused with the bad, I reach for you, and all of you is mine.  You’re the most incredible man in the world.  I think of you through the day and night – at your side and whenever apart.  If what can’t be seen can be called “beautiful” then our love would be called that.  What cannot be sniffed cannot be called a wondrous scent, unless it is our love.  Anything that cannot be tasted would not be called delicious in other circumstances outside of our love.  And considering the amazing cook that you are, your love could be tasted in more ways than one.

From Cheri to Kevin

CherinMaE CherinMaE
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 9, 2010

That is a really amazing poem. beautiful. passionate. and I will not say too much, other then that song was nice. I'm gonna study it, write a song to it, because in the middle of the night, this kind of song is what makes me dance. so cheri, I know it was to kevin, but I dig your

all I can say is wow...that is a beautiful

enjoying the good land and being amused by the bad........beautiful.......
your a good writer....keep going,,,,, write some more....its fun!!!!!