My First Time

My first time at a park wasn't at the movies but we have two parks that there are stories about so when I was 18 I went to one it is big and one part has a forest area with trails I had a guy come up to me and rubbed my *** and asked if I wanted to have some fun so we went down and I pulled my pants and underwear down and I got down and sucked him then he bent me over and ****** my *** till he came hard. I have gone there many times and love being touched sucked and ****** there
gboy6969 gboy6969
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

love the short but to the point story...

would love to have a hard **** outside like that. sounds hot!

Thanks for Adding ur story....yes I made a BooBoo with the name wanted to add the movie story first but it did not work and well not sure how to charge the name of group so just left it but addding the movie story to day so hope u all like it....

Your so very welcome sexy