Mature Married Couples Love Dogging.

Mine did a fews time in a park, its so hot seeing all men touching n ********** her.

She ad a big time n **** a lot. We also did in a xxx theaters wowwww was so hot anyone want a talk on yahoo or msn ?

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3 Responses Aug 28, 2011

Is there any dogging in Pasadena or near Los Angeles, CA.

I'm currently near South Pasadena, drop me a note.

Know of any dogging spots

Seems like dogging is a UK thing. I have left Pasadena and went over the other ocean, to Asia, no dogging here although I saw some outdoor action in a park late at night, the couple didn't get naked but there was some BJ action. Anyway, if anyone knows of any outdoorsy kind of fun anywhere in Asia, let me know.

Hi!!! I am a Dogging addicted, I know many places in Brazil, and I'd like do see how is the scene here, in CA....

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that should be Chicago

looking for dogging locations near chicagi il, does any one know of any?