My Last Dogging Experience


I have had my wife go out on dogging expeditions a number of times. It is fair to say that I coerced her into these sessions really. She needs quite a lot of persuading, but this fact makes it all the more exciting for me when I get my way. We live on the Essex coast and there are a few renowned areas for this activity – one quite near.      The best occasion, early last summer, I went through my usual routine. We had an early dinner, with plenty of wine for her and after getting home I suggested we go for a drive. When I told her where I wanted to go, she raised an eyebrow – at which I smiled and winked. I suggested some appropriate clothing – a thin white, stretch top (which showed her dark nipples off) and a short skirt – oh, and sandals. Nothing else. After the usual reluctance from her and cajoling from me, she agreed and got changed as asked. Once she gets into it, she enjoys it.      It is fun just driving there, I like to look across to her in the car and see her hemline just about covering her *****, and at her dark nipples starting to poke through the top as she becomes more excited. It is great when we stop at the several sets of lights we need to negotiate too, if there are any guys waiting there – Guys never miss a look into a car where there is a woman in a short skirt, I can tell you. On this occasion I was disappointed.      It was about nine when we got there. The perfect time – many cars had gone and the Sun was just beginning to set. We were parked up about 10 minutes and I had pulled her over to me for a “cuddle” and, like clockwork, a car appeared – parking about 10 feet away from us. I looked across and saw a solitary male in the car – I guessed he was about 60. He looked straight into me without flinching when I looked across at him. I felt a flutter of excitement in the pit of my stomach. My wife glanced across and sighed and asked if we could go home – she always does this. I told her no and reached down to her skirt and pulled the hem up, so I could look down at her lightly haired *****. Both her ***** and the guy were in my eye line as I pushed her legs apart and slid a hand between her legs, finding her already wet. She was soon moaning softly as I played with her. The guy could probably imagine what we were doing but couldn’t see. So he got out and leaned against the hood of his car and lit a cigarette, blatantly looking our way. I the meantime, my wife had seen the door open and had drawn her hem back down. I told her that she was being unkind to him, but left her skirt where it was - for now. It was fun to tease – teasing him and myself actually. Instead I pulled her across to me and laid her into my chest, facing forwards, towards our dogger. I then starting cupping and caressing her boobs. Her nipples, already hard, became extremely erect – thrusting through her thin top. The guy shifted excitedly from one foot to another, watching intently. I was dimly aware of another car pulling up the other side of us, but it was quite a distance away.      As the older guy watched on, I slowly pulled her top up until her breasts became visible. The guy moved a little nearer. My wife complained but didn’t resist as I pulled her top right over her boobs; her erect nipples finally fully visible to him. She put her hands over them to hide herself, but I pulled them away and placed them behind her back. She just allowed me to do it and left them there as I then pulled at her skirt hem again. Her ***** was soon on show too. I tapped the inside of her knees and she obediently opened them. I made her widen them further as I slid one hand up between her legs and slid a finger into her wet lips – the other playing over both boobs. The guy moved even further forward and, noting we were not objecting, came right up to the window. We didn’t acknowledge him and there was no eye contact – I just kept at my wife, stretching her wet ***** and pulling at her nipples. It was just a matter of who came first. I have to admit that it was me, but I manfully kept at her until she too soon followed. The guy just smiled, made a sign of thanks, went back to his car and drove off.     Meanwhile another guy appeared, again late middle aged, and peered in as he slowly walked past the car, pretending not to look (not as fearless as the first guy). He soon returned and passed our car to his again, trying to be inconspicuous as he slowed his stride and ogled at us. We just lay there and let him feast his eyes on her naked body. I looked down at her; her legs still wide open, her top up around her neck, eyes closed, totally relaxed, maybe even oblivious to this second intruder.     This one of the best times – we have not normally gone so far, one or other of us backs out of it. She wouldn’t go out this summer – she has suffered a guilt trip since! – so it may be a while before I get to repeat this. But I will have many a good **** as I re-live – and embellish in fantasy – on this experience.
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7 Responses Sep 8, 2009

Great story!

I'm a single male, and will be going out for some dogging fun! Btw, my username on the dogging co uk site is: NorfolkDogger.

That story was so like my first experience i didnt really want to do it but once i had started i couldnt stop. Now i love it so much its me asking my hubby to go dogging now

Sounds great. i had similiar experience in suffolk. Taken wife out to dinner and on way back parked in picnic area. She was so hot that night. Started to play with her. She had shortish skirt, stockings and heels. I got her so worked up, she claims she didnt notice guy pull up in car who got out and watched . By then her boobs were exposed, skirt round her waist, legs and heels up on dash board with me playing with her! Awsome!!! The she claims she noticed him and said we should move on!! which we did. We didnt get far before we finsided off!!!

Great way of exposing her. Got to love that

Incredible experience. I love it when the wife is reluctant, but does it anyway. Wonder how she felt knowing a complete stranger was looking at her naked body

How wouold you go about this in the states. We've tried the rest stops but never get anyone that woul look. They all pretend they didnt see anything

hope you are in the chicago area as there is one and i would love to meet you there

Where in Chicago? I am in Chicago would love this experience

Hi there,<br />
from a lonely dogger in Essex. I dream of bumping into people like you when I am out and about.