Dolls And Dresses Are For Boys As Well As Girls.

I used to play with my Sister's dolls when i was a toddler, sometimes i did it to annoy my Sis, and sometimes i would willingly play and dress them up with her. I even let her play with my toy cars and trucks. (Sometimes)

Now i can't remember if i went all the way, by dressing up as a girl in a dress, but i vaguely remember cutting up a black bin bag and putting it over my head, like it was a dress. My mum and Nan thought it was funny and cute. They may have taken me upstairs to get properly dressed in one of my sister's dresses, but sadly i don't remember.

So if i ever have kids in the future, i'd let them play with each others toys, and if my boy wants to wear for example, a Pink Dress! Then i'd let him wear a Pink Dress, all i would care about is my son and daughter's happiness.
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and why not

You are very considerate to allow tour children to play with each others toys.

I don't have any children at the moment, but as I said above if I did, I would allow them play and dress in any clothes they wanted, it wouldn't bother me at all.

when I was young 4-5 my mother gave me a doll to play with she said she wanted a daughter.Played with my doll for a very long time it was on my dresser when I went into the army .