If You Have Nothing Nice To Say Then Don't Say Anything!

I don't understand why people feel the need to send me negative messages about the lifestyle I live. This is a place where people can truly be themselves. Who do you people think you are criticizing others on what they do!??? I am not stupid by any means and I do think for myself but I have given myself to my husband as I feel he knows what is best for me and our family. He does not abuse me. This is consensual and if people bothered to read and look into things they would know that.

I know I am not the only one who has gotten "hate" messages so I speak for all of us when I say IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, THEN KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED.

This is a place for support and friendships not hate and judgement!

Sorry for my rant but I just got a really nasty msg to my inbox and I felt I needed to vent!
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Well said abby nothing bugs me more then peope speakin about thing that they dont understand. We are in this lifesytle by choice r husbands dont beat us as some would believe we dont question you and your kinkyfuckery so dont judge ours... Abby you go girl d what makes you happy

I truly feel sorry for these people.
I think, deep down, that those who criticize our way of life, really wish they could be as happy as we are. Often people are afraid of what they don't understand.
I was appalled the first time I read about domestic discipline - and now I couldn't dream of any other way to live. The joy of this lifestyle is overwhelming!
I adore that my hubby is the leader of our family. I love he makes all the major decisions. I have learned that he is a better man now that I love, honor and obey him.
The best we can do is set a good example and believe in what we do, and feel pity for those who just don't have a clue!

best wishes
Jack's Jill
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I live in a domestic discipline relationship

Dear Red
You are wonderful!!!!
I love reading your comments - you have such a great way with words!!
Jack's Jill

*thanks Red*
I agree! It's wonderful to have fantastic people to share with.
The more we spread the word in a positive way - the more people might want to learn more and try out this wonderful lifestyle.
Let's keep up the good work!! LOL

Jack's Jill

I could not agree more. People should be supportive or keep their opinions to themselves. I think most people who are critical only see it as pain infliction and not as a mutually consensual method of behavior modification. When you are disciplined, it is to help you and not to hurt you.

Couldn't agree more. These supposed "do-gooders" do nothing but interfere in matters they ought not.

I get irritated by the criticism I get for liking it very rough. I'm not surprised that other people get annoyed by unwanted judgements.

Well said. *hugz*

Flag them, Delete them, Ignore people who are not worth your time babygirl. You are worth so much more then they are. If this were high school you would not give them the time of day. Unfortunately they are still living in High School while the rest of us became adults.

So treat them they way they deserve. Like they don't exist. For you they do not. You know who your friends are, plus anyone who is supportive, or respectful can enter your/our world. This is enough. Hugs

So true! I feel better after my rant and after reading all the comments from you guys!!


I not only agree I have posted on this myself!! We need to ignore the idiots and haters and continue to support and encourage one another. But I really do wish they would find somewhere else to rant. I always wonder if their lives are so great why are they spending so much time attacking other people. Perhaps they need to examine what is missing in their lives.

Mr. amysdaddy is right!