Domestic Violence And I Cant Leave.him.

I met my boyfriend when I was 18 and he was 20. We were young and had a very lustful relationship. He would show signs of jelousy. I didn't think nothing of it. At the begenning of our relationship heslept with another girl and being 18 I didn't think anything of it and slept w a guy I knew. He found out about it a couple months later and for the first time punched me in the stomach. He felt he didn't do anything wrong and from that day on accused me of being a hoe. Soon after his jeliously started to affect everything i did. He would park out side my jobs me through the windows. One day we were taking tue trolley and he started to call me out by calling me every bad name in the dictionary. I had my school folder w me and he ripped all my papers out and threw them in the air. I was so embareased. I started to walk away and he followed me and dragged me to the floor by my hair. I really was so caught up.and dumb and young I stayed w him. He would apologize and cry and tell me he was sorry. Throughout the years he would slept me, give me black eyes, fat lips, busted cuts on my cheek bones from being hit so hard. This happened constintly for the.nezt couple of years. He told me I was a **** and I didnt deserve to wear makeup cause I only wore it to look good for other guys. He would make me wear a sweater all the time ( I live in southern California) and he would tell me to take a pic of myself in the bathroom mirror at work just to show him I still had the sweater on and I would send the the.pic on his phone. We had a apartment and we got evicted because of the the disturbance calls to the security due to me getting slammed up against.the walls in our apartment. I made cookies for him once and he smashed them in my face and down my throught and all over my body. He always accused me of cheating when I never did. He would make me sit in the corner and kick me only in my stomach back and body so my face wouldn't have bruses and so noone would know. He broke my cell phone one time while I attempted to call the cops. I got beat that whole.night. when I would try to leave he would wait by the upstairs window and throw cold beer on me. It got so bad I finally left him. I started to talk to this guy I felt safe with. He was mature and I would talk to him about anything. He told me I needed to leave this guy and he tried to help with the little things. My boyfriend would sit outside my job and watch every guy who walked out the building and confronted them by accusing them they were ******* me. My boyfriend found out about this guy I was talking to and made me show him where he lived. I didn't so he stabbed me in the leg with a fork. He beat me in the car and tried to crash and said he was going to kill us both. Years have passed and I am still with this guy and he hasn't touched me once. He matured a lot and he is now 27. We have a beautiful baby girl. Untill today he and I got into an argument and he ran full spleen and slammed me in the wall and slammed me on the ground. I am terrified this is you.g to happen all over again. I'm scared. Pls I need someone to talk to and advice.
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Thank you for being so brave to ask advice.

I agree with the other comments that you 100% need to think of your daughter. Physical abuse directed at her is not the only way the poor dear could be harmed. Children are often injured in the middle of mom getting abused, and you also don't want her to grow up thinking this is acceptable within a relationship.

stay strong, don't let HIM treat you with less respect than you would like your daughter to be treated with. If he ran into you at full speed and hurt you recently, then he is certainly at risk of losing control and causing more damage to you again.

Be safe, even if you are not ready to leave, have an EXIT PLAN in your head in case you find yourself in an attack.

This saved my life once.

dear friend. you have to think about your little girl. it isn't about you anymore. what advice would you give your daughter? please get some help for you and your little girl.