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Maybe Dominant

AS most know who read several of my stories here I began wearing dresses at the age of 11.
I, however, don't think I drew a picture of my mother. My mother was a short 5'2" woman. She kept her weight down and always kept her body very lean but muscular. I don't mean she looked like a female version of Charles Atlas or those beach bums who have muscles over top of other bulging muscles. Her demeanor was usually that of a typical woman, she helped others with problems, was always friendly and Took pride in who she was. She however also had a mean streak to her. She could argue with the best of either gender and usually came out on top. She hated to see other women and girls abused. Whether that be physical or mentally. This would cause her ire to spew forth like a cobra. Once, a neighbor and her husband abused a girl who was the daughter of her very close friend. The girl came running into our home. Her clothing had been torn, her hair all disheveled and appeared to have been hacked at with a sharp knife.
My mom immediate went to her aid thinking that some boy had tried to rape and assault the the girl. As my mom touched her she withdrew screaming in pain, it had turned out not only had they cut her hair, but had repeatedly burnt her with lit cigarettes. After settleing down the girl, she found out who had done this to her. It turned out to be the next door neighbor. My mom went ballistic and went to the house only to find that they had left. She returned and continued to stew all day as she tended to the burns on the girl.
My stepfather came home and saw the girl and just shook his head. She also obtained all the details as to who did what and who had burnt the girl. It turned out the couple there had a daughter who had lied about some incident at school and blamed the girl. This was like pouring gasoline onto the fire. At about that time my mom saw their car pull in to their driveway. She went there followed by my stepfather. The woman there opened the door and was confronted, the woman tried to slam the door into my mother. My mother exploded into the doorknocking the woman back and proceeded to literally beat this woman to a bloody pulp. her husband tried to intervene and she knocked him out cold with one punch. My stepfather fearing my mom was going to kill this woman belatedly pulled her off. It turned out that the husband had physically restrained the girl with his wife assaulted her, cut her hair and repeatedly burnt the girl. When my mom came home her knuckles were covered in blood. You could hear the wails of the woman as she was beaten.
My mom told her as she was leaving to go ahead and call the cops, but she would go to prison for what she had done to that girl.
No cops were called luckily. The next day I was sitting on my front porch and the woman came out with her daughter. The woman was bruised all about her head and had multiply cuts and abrasions, The husbands face was swollen about the eyes grossly. I didn't seee the daughter. About three days later they moved away to parts unknown.
This was only one of many incidents where I seen my mother angry and her abilities. She said to me that No Man or Woman had the right to abuse another. This seemed to bring even more of her dominant personally to the forefront. Her new saying was "IT Was Her Way Or No Way" She took charge of everything, my stepfather left rather then be dominated by her. Being only a child I stayed with my mom. When my brother got into trouble she tried instituting a form of petticoat discipline, but failed at this attempt. My brother then left and stayed with my Uncle and Father. My younger brother was to young to understand. Then it was about this time I started getting into minor trouble and my dressing began.
Melodie13 Melodie13 61-65, M 2 Responses May 3, 2011

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Well done your Mother, I like people that stand up for doing the right thing.<br />
Very brave.<br />
Should have got the police probably, but I think that your Mother did a better job than the police.<br />
I love your posts on EP.

Good for your mother