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My Sissy Son Is My Greatest Joy!

My ELEGANT, SOPHISTICATED, PASSABLE, ROMANTIC, "Son" is not only my soulmate but also my bff and lover. I raised/trained "him" to meet MY needs . "She" took to the sissification like a **** to water. From diapers to lingerie to leather to thongs to baby dolls to make-up to gowns to accessories to...!
We're living as a blissfull couple now and couldn't be happier!
Ok, girls, tell MOMMY all about your upbringing with your mom (warts and all) and how you enjoyed your "journey" and if you love her or hate her?
rollingbi rollingbi 36-40, F 8 Responses Oct 9, 2012

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He's a lucky gurl

I had a love/ hate relationship with my mother, she won though. i seek those things she taught me even though i rejected them whe i left home. I know she was right. My sister sees that6 mothers guidelines are followed when she can

I'm a thirty-two year old sissy and also have a very special relationship with my mother. We live alone and share a bed. I work as an accountant from home and can dress as feminine as mommy wants me too without any outside ridicule! Along with doing most of the housework I also enjoy doing her hair and nails. Every morning I do her hair and makeup before she goes to work. I simply love being her sissy best friend and couldn't imagine it being any other way!
Would love to hear from other sissy boys like myself!
Love, Sandy

Every boy would be lucky to have such a wonderful mother

Wonderful story. Such a lucky girl to have a loving Mom. Thank you for sharing.

I would love to hear about your intimate time together. Do you have a boy friend who you share your little gurl with?

It is so pervers, I like it ;-)...

Dear Mam

It is wonderful to know you are a mother who sissifies her sons. My Mother initially wanted nothing to do with my feminization. Until 15 it was my cousin who gave me my initial training starting at11. At 15 my cousin finally convinced mom that I was not and had no interest in being male. It was at this time she finally saw me dressed as a young lady.

On that day she gave me the best present of my life, a hug and called me her daughter.

It took a while I think for her to realise just how feminine and a woman I had become. When my cousin told her, without me there , that I had been pretending to have my period for 2 years, she refused to believe it until talking to me that night and me showing her my box of kotex and belts, in my closet.

However after 3 months of her knowing and obviously knowing I was using the pads on the 4th month I came home from school to find a box of kotex and a brand new belt on my bed. On the attached card she said to dress preety and use these as we were going to dinner when she got home. Later she told me how she had wished she had known from the start how much I wanted to be a girl. That if she had had the courage to let me keep dressing after the time she caught me maybe it would have been her to tell me about periods, like My cousin did at 13. I didn't care with everything she had done I could only love her more than I already did. I miss her so much.

Now that I am being sissified by my Cousin and my neighbour. I wish she were here helping. I know she would as she always wished for me to dress and behave very feminine.

Please let me know what you think. Can you also comment on sissies having their periods. Miss Sue and Miss Jill keep me paded 24/7. During my period they have come up with a way to ensure I need to use Maxi pads and Tampons. If you could comment I know they will be very happy as I am required to tell as many GG's as possible and get their response. Pro or Con.

Thank you Mam