It seems to be impossible to find an unmarried Dominant.

If there is one thing I won't do, it's be second. Not a second submissive, and not second to your wife. If you claim to be so "unhappily married", why stay together? What's the point in dragging out a relationship that doesn't fulfill the both of you?

If honesty is the most important rule, why continue to lie to yourself? How can you expect me to trust you completely--with my life, even--if you can't even be honest with yourself and the others that depend on you? How could that possibly be the foundation of a healthy relationship?
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Very true

you should be first and only to your Dom or they are not worth your submission! Good luck in your search.

Wild D

I'm divorced want to see what happend

Sometimes leaving would cause too much damage to too many people - and just because they're unhappy in what's possibly a (virtually) sexless marriage doesn't mean they can't care still.

Surely if you don't insist on the details you can't be sure of his reasoning? And if he's told you he's married then surely that's better than if he lied to you, and let you believe he's single ...

(i'm not biased, my Master was completely up front with me, He's happily married, we won't ever meet, but He'll do His best for me despite our limited time.)

Very provocative statement. Having made the choice to leave the unhappiness to live a very fulfilling and happy life together. Thank you for this post.