I crave submission yet romance at the same time!!
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The attention you receive from the jealous men around you, as I let them surround you with their attention will be all released through pure submission at the right time.

You need a Daddy Dom to baby you.

oh my goodness! I crave dominance but I am an insanely romantic person also :3

My wife is the same way and I know that romance needs to be a part of the relationship as well as D/s. Both of them are part of our relationship at all times. I enjoy dominating her and then whispering in her ear at the end of a D/s session how much I love her. I hold her in my arms as she slowly recovers from our play.

Flowers, cards, poems, long, slow, kisses that never end are all part of our love for each other. I give her all I can because she deserves it.


I would love that

these are two wonderful things to weave together into a wonderful relationship.

Do you want to submit to someone or have someone submit to you? Either way romance is always a part of submission and having someone submit to you means you are controlling everything including the romantic side of things

I would like to submit to someone who desires to learn all about me and my body

Then you must choose who dominates you wisely

How do I know who is legit ?

I am submissive and believe me you will know. Trust your instincts

I hope for the best :) I have only found a few on here in truly like

That's the best place to start :)

Just go slowly

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They normally go together.

Same here