I give up!!! I can't tans anyone serious about this !! They all go straight for the sex and don't take romance or my feelings into consideration
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The most important thing is to know the person before DS can be experienced.

Can we chat I believe I'm what your looking for

I am a monogamous dominate and I build relationships on trust and strength I like the mental, physical and sexual level of a dominant submissive relationship I'm willing to help you to embrace training, fetishes and kinks all of this will come without judgement

Can we chat

My new Mistress required two dinners and quite as bit of housework first. 60 texts and emails. Full body massages. A lot of talk. She tried to resist further, but it is about what she wants. :-)

be strong

A lifestyle involves more than just sex.

I'm not like that

I know what you mean SweetB,

I am so guilty of that same thing. The sex gets in the way of the relationship. It takes someone strong who can balance their own desires for the physical pleasure with the subs need for mental and emotional submission. I have seen some really good Doms say if you dominate the mind the body will come along on its own but many Doms go straight for physical dominance and ignore or tremendously short change the mental dominance.

If you are a true sub it will be hard to give up...but by all means...become very picky and selective in who you partner with since you want that balanced approach.

Good luck Wild-D

I am sorry to hear that,sounds like you need to find a good partner first that is just interested in the lifestyle and grow from there.

I know what you mean hun a lot of fakes on line. If you ever want to talk for real look me up

Keep trying I'm sure there's romantic dominant out there who is looking for someone just like you

How about try find a normal guy who's romantic and introduce him Into the lifestyle? Ask him if will try out being a dominant? Is that what you want him to be?

Then see how it goes. Good luck :3

Thank you I like that !!!

you will find a guy who is not somewhat natural at being a Dom may not give you what you need. I know I have a nice streak in me I have to subdue to really get into dominating my sub.

Good luck! WD