Strict Wife & Sister-in-law Of Kerala In India

I never thought i would become such a slave of women, that too for my own wife and sister-in-law. I am Girish aged 45 with good health married 17 years ago. My wife Amrutha Nair aged 35 years and her elder sister Namratha Nair 43 years have taken me into their full control, in all the ways.

When married Amrutha, my family felt very happy as we got a bride from one of the rich affluent family in Kerala in India. Aamrutha's mother Vatsala Nair aged 60 years was young age widow and business woman. Vatsala got my bio-data through a marriage broker as they were looking for a bridegroom to stay with them and look after their property with their corporate office in Delhi.

I am born in a middle class family in a village near Palakad in Kerala. I did all my schoolings in Palakad and completed my graduation in Trissur. My parents accpeted for this alliance by making me to stay with Amrutha's family in Delhi.  It was Trissur was the first city for me to visit at the age of 19 years till then I never came out from my home town.

My mother-in-law is the Chairman of the company while my sister-in-law is the MD of the company taking care of all business activities along with my wife Amrutha, who is one of the directors. After marriage, I was given all liberties at my wife's house with all luxuries. Although I have completed my degree, I am not very fluent in English17 years ago, so I was asked to take care of house related and property related works while my wife and sister-in-law took care of business
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Have they made you a girl now sweetie?

They'll make him a girl when when they take a ******* to show him his lower status.

Slavesubmissive, does your wife spank you with a belt or a paddle or a cane? Does she make you serve her and her sister? If not, why d'you whine?

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