Dominant Mother In Law .

dominannttt mother always hav dominnant daughter .. during courtship obseve how ur mommy in law i s treating her hubby . if she is dominanntt its a sign tht soooner ur wife too will join hands with her n dominate u ..

IF U have a dominant mother in law u r very lucky .. soon ur daughter will faoloow suit n dominate u ...

surrendering to mommy - in - law is the ulitmate fantasy of a lot of males ..
men love it even more if it is in front of their wife n sister in law ..
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i am just trying to find the right Dominant Female but would love the idea of such exposure and submission. And yes that would extend to sister-in-laws. As a submissive male i simple like the idea of being around my Sexual Superiors and accepting my position.

I would love for my wife to have her mother "teach" her.

great advice. I never thought of it that way but you are very right.

you are so right miss my girlfriend has outed me to her 17yrs old daughter as she wants her to be the dominant one in her relationships i dont think she will have any problems there either.

More n more males are coming out with their submissive desire .. tht s goood ..

Indeed,my Mother in Law is very dominant and my Wife too.I work in their company when i make a mistake They yelled me both.

sex on demand .. especialluyy good quality oral sex on demand .. tht is the beauty of an FLR .. OR WLM ... OR CARING FEMDOM ..

Yes, male submissiveness is a natural state of affairs. things work much better with women in charge and men having a clear understanding of what is expected of them. Nancy's family is a second generation Femdom with her mother and aunts all being women in charge - works very well for all involved. I've never heard any of the men complain about their situation

The more women running a man's life the better!

And the happier the men are, too! I know of five men in female lead situations outside of the submissive men in the family and they are ALL happy. Most of these men entered into a female lead situation with some hesitation, but now none would go back. Most importantly, the women are getting what it is they need and want


Yes both She and her daughter set the rules in our place and we couldn't be happier. Mother-in-law always says that men are best behaved when they don't have a choice and it's true. She also insists that men are happy with women in charge since they are otherwise unable to understand just what women want - so true, too. But, yes, She dominates and bosses me...

You are so right here! If mother-in-law is dominant then so too will be the daughter. My mother-in-law is a dominant woman who ran her household making all decisions, assigning chores, and managing all the money. This is exactly what I now have and couldn't be happier! I am very lucky!