I Love Dominant Or Controlling Women

Being controlled by a lady is so enjoyable to me. It makes me feel so good inside when I please a woman who knows how to take control of a male. Women really are the superior gender. They just hide there control. They really are smarter then the male.

sub1948 sub1948
61-65, M
3 Responses Nov 25, 2010

It's nice to just let go and let a woman take control and responsibility.

agree with you, it as great feeling when you have the opportunity to serve a dominant woman. but it's even better feeling when you service gets her approval and satisfaction.

The dynamics of such a relationship are very rewarding. No lack of intensity when your Lady is in charge, either! I'm happy to know this lifestyle brings you fulfillment.

How much I agree with you. I am one of four subs in my Mistress's stable and it is a great lide.