Peter's New Role

A little while ago, I decided it was time to do something about Peter. In my first plan for Peter and Karen, she was living with him, in her house, and controlling his sex life with the key she was wearing around her neck, which would unlock his chastity cage, when she thought it appropriate.
Since then, I had removed her from her own house, to be my slave, under the control of my Senior Slave, Aly.
This was all fine, but it left Peter in Karen's house, on his own, free to do as he wanted, with the exception of sex, as Karen still held the key. Since he now had no access to Karen, or her to him, he was permanently chaste.

This situation had obviously been playing on Peter's mind, because, before I could do anything about him, he rang me.
"Rob, you've got to help me, I'm desperate!"
"I imagine you are, how long is it since you had an ******?" I actually knew, but thought it would be fun to tease him.
"Over three weeks!!" Not actually accurate, but I let it slide
"Well, Peter, I guess we need to find a way to help you, why don't we have dinner tomorrow evening, and we can discuss a way out of your predicament"
"That would be brilliant!" he exclaimed, clearly not understanding what I had in mind.

The next evening after work, Peter and I met at a Brazilian restaurant in Fulham. We exchanged pleasantries while were sat down, chose some wine, collected some salad from the salad bar, and started eating.
"So, you're finding it difficult to live without relief" I started
Peter looked around, to see who might hear our conversation, so I smiled pleasantly at him and waited for his reply.
"I'm actually going insane! I can't go on like this, you have to help me!"
"Well, actually I don't, you aren't really my problem"
"Please, I'm begging you!"
I noticed one or two people trying to eavesdrop, but it's a noisy restaurant, so I imagine they only got the odd word. Nonetheless, it did show how desperate Peter was, to risk embarrasing himself in public like that. It made me feel good inside, and I smiled at Peter, relishing his desperation and discomfort.
"OK here's the situation, Peter. Karen is handing over ownership of the house you are living in to me. She is also going to divorce you, and the three of us are moving into the house"
"I see, but what about me?"
"Well, you have two choices. One, you move out of the house. Karen will unlock your cage, and you can go off and live your own life"
"But I have nowhere to live, no job worth the mention, how will I survive?"
"True, which is why there is option two. You stay in the house when we move in, Karen will give your key to Aly to control, and you become the house boy"
"I don't understand, what would I have to do?"
"You would be responsible for everything domestic, you would do all of the cleaning, the shopping, most of the cooking, the gardenening, clothes washing and ironing and so on. You wouldn't go to work, and we would provide food, clothes as appropriate, a modicum of alcohol, and maybe an occassional outing"
"but what know"
"Yes!" almost whispered or even hissed.
"Aly will be in charge of you in every area, including your sex life. If you do your job well, and understand your lowly status within the house, and generally please her, then I'm sure she will allow you some kind of relief from time to time"
"I see" he murmured, not sounding too excited at the prospect. "I don't really have a choice, do I?"
"Not really, no. So, are you going to come back to the flat with me, and let the girls know the good news?"
"OK, if that's what you want"
"It is. Now eat up, you're hardly eating any meat and it's delicious"

We finished the meal pretty much in silence. I guess Peter was contemplating his rather bleak future as a chaste houseboy.

I was smiling at one of the waitresses who had been eavesdropping on our conversation. I called her over, and asked her name. She told me it was Stacey, and I asked her whether she would like to go out to dinner somewhere much classier than this rodizio, and she agreed, and told me whichnight was her night off. She was living with her boyfriend, so I couldn't pick her up, but agreed to meet her outside the restaurant she was working in. I was looking forward to having her, she only looked about 22, and had a gorgeous figure, and long blonde hair. I decided to book a hotel, as the flat was rather crowded.

Back at the flat, the girls were sitting together on the sofa, looking quite relaxed, although Aly looked a little flushed, so I assumed Karen had been licking between her legs, I winked at aly, and she blew me a kiss.

"So, Peter has decided he would like to join us as our houseboy. I've explained that Aly will control him, but that he is completely at the bottom of the food chain, haven't I Peter?"
"Yes what?"
"Yes sir?"
" I think, yes master would be appropriate"
"Yes master"

"Now Karen, please give Peter's key to Aly to put round her neck. I think we should get some sort of chastity device to stop Karen from playing with herself in bed, don't you agree Aly"
"Yes I agree, but do I have to have one?"
"No my sweet, you can have sex whenever you want, however, I would like you to promise me that you won't ********** unless I ask you to. After all, you have two sex slaves here to use however and whenever you want, and if you don't fancy either of them, I'm sure you could easily seduce me"
"Yes master, thank you master" She replied with a smile like a Cheshire Cat.
"But don't forget" I warned " You may have two slaves at your beck and call, but you are still my slave and will still get your cute little arse whipped from time to time"
"Yes master, I am happy to be your slave and would be unhappy if my punishments were to stop"

"Right" I said with authority "I think we need to have some ground rules for Peter, don't you girls?"
"Yes master" they both said in unison.
"First, I want him kept hairless ecept for his head. Second, please get him some feminine maid clothes to wear. Third, he needs to be punished weekly, and Aly needs to keep a diary of his imperfections to help you calculate the punishments. Fourth, Aly is in charge of Peter's sex life, and if she is too generous or lenient with his punishments she will pay with pain of her own. any comments girls?"
"Sounds ok to me" replied Aly, followed by Karen's question "I won't have to have sex with him will I?"
"Certainly not, he will never have sex with a woman again. Aly, you need to find ways to make him *** which involve as little intimacy with either of you as possible, and as little satisfaction as possible for Peter. Obviously you won't be releasing him very much, so it shouldn't be too arduous a task".

"Master?" continued Aly "You suggested we might give him some relief tonight, but I wondered if we should punish him first?"
"Good idea Aly, why don't you two girls get your heads together and decide what you want to do to him. I'm going to have a large whisky and a soak in a lovely hot bath"
I had my soak, and my whisky. Aly and Karen took turns to visit me and stroke my **** to make it hard, whilst kissing me passionately on the lips, then they'd break away, top up my whisky, and waft out of the bathroom leaving me feeling aroused and content.

Finally, I decided to get myself out of the cooling bath. and, as if by magic, both women arrived, grabbed towels and dried me tenderly. There was a delicious smell wafting across from the kitchen.
"Is Peter cooking?" I enquired of Aly, but before she could speak Karen answered, "It's probably the only thing he's good at"
"Excellent!" I exclaimed " as neither of you are exactly Cordon Bleu chefs, and I'm fed up cooking all the time"

With me nicely dried, and excited again, from four hands which kept finding my ****, balls and arse, I put on a robe and all three of us went downstairs.

Well, Peter did well, an excellent salad, followed by Spaghetti Carbonara, then some cheese. Obviously, he didn't get any. He has to lose quite a bit of weight if he's going to pass as a woman.

With dinner over I enquired "So, the punishment, are you going to be lenient since Peter has made us this lovely meal?"
"Certainly not!" Aly chimed "We're going to make the bastard suffer" added Karen.
"Ok let's get to it."
The girls got Peter bent over the dining room table, his hands were out on either side, and he looked scared "We've decide on twenty strokes with the leather belt, followed by twenty with the beech cane, all on his bare arse" Aly pronounced, "Karen and I are going to team tag to keep the strength of the strokes up, and if he gets to the end without moving, we may allow him an ******" she finished.

I relaxed on the couch as Aly got into position with the belt. I relaxed on the sofa, and Karen joined me and reached into my robe to start stroking my **** again. This was really working out well!

Aly did ten really hard strokes, and by the end Peter was blubbing like a baby, but he didn't move. The girls swapped for ten more from Karen. She is older, bigger and stronger, plus she had been married to Peter, and hated him with a vengeance, so her strokes were much harder, and with each one Peter jumped up in the air and screamed.

With Karen's ten done, Aly was back with the cane. Karen knelt before me and started giving me a wonderful, slow soft blow job, while Aly was getting some amazing screams out of Peter. With the next ten done, and Peter striped all across his arse, the girls swapped position, and Karen lay into Peter's arse as though she wanted to cut through to his ****. Aly was teasing my **** with her mouth as she knew I was close to exploding.

Finally they were finished and both girls sat next to me on the sofa as Peter continued to blub, still bent forward over the table.
"Come on girls" I chided "I'm keen to get you both into my bed"
That worked. They were up like a shot getting Peter up off the table, locking his wrists into handcuffs, then down onto his knees on the floor.Aly lowered his arms until he was on his elbows on the floor, with his arse raised up. Karen unlocked his cage and removed the plastic sheath, leaving the ring around the base of his balls and **** in place.

Next  Aly sat next to Peter on the floor and pulled his knees apart, so his genitals were hanging down between his splayed legs, and before Peter could wonder why his knees were spread apart like that, Aly started stroking his penis and balls. Karen meanwhile, quietly moved round to stand by Peter's feet.

"Oh God...that's sooo good!" groaned Peter, the pain from his punishment temporarily forgotten as Aly brought him closer and closer to ******.
Karen got into position and Aly winked at her.
"Don't stop...I'm so close!....don't stop...oh god...I'm *******!!!"
Aly shouted "Now!" and pulled her hand away.
Karen already had her leg back and it took her only a fraction of a second to complete a full force forward swing, right between Peter's legs. He right foot impacted Peter's balls and **** when he was only about one second into his much anticipated ******. She kicked him with such force that his knees lifted clear of the floor for a second.
He screamed in agony, and as his knees crashed back to the floor, he fell sidways and curled into a foetal ball, moaning and retching, rocking himself in agony.
The girls showed him no sympathy at all. Aly rolled him onto his back and pushed his knees down, while Karen grabbed a wash cloth, ran hot water onto it, then soap, before getting on her knees next to Peter and washing his damaged balls and deflated ****.
"Don't be such a baby" she said, which I thought was a bit harsh, considering how hard she had kicked him.
Aly towelled him off, a little more gently than Karen's cleaning had been. Karen grabbed the sheath, shoved it roughly up his **** and locked it.
"You can sleep on the floor tonight" Aly instructed "and we'll leave the handcuffs on to remind you of your new status. You'd better find yourself a blanket, or something, the heating goes off in half an hour, and it's below freezing outside"
I got up and started heading for the door "Come on girls, it's our bed time....."
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