Facination With Domination Since Childhood.

I became sexually aware at a very young age about age 5 or 6. Since then i have always been sexually excited when i used to watch movies with anyone getting humiliated , punished or dominated. Growing up in India, we had the luxury of servants. I remember dominating and humiliating my servants children when they would come home. A few year later in elementary school i sexually dominated a couple boy classmates and in our society i loved humiliating a couple friends and also dominating them sexually. I had many self pleasurable scenario's in my mind when i used to imagine these things and the real experiences. In the teen years i discovered BDSM and it has fueled my desires and imaginations to new heights. It also gave a definition to my desires. As a child i never knew what BDSM was but i knew what turned me on and what didnt. Has anyone become so sexually aware at a young age? were you confused or ashamed that you didnt know what was wrong with you? is this common? These are the answers i seek. I do not regret any moment of my life, it was fun :)
Aznboiz Aznboiz
Jan 6, 2013