Alcoholic Parents

I grew up watching my parents and there friends drink. I guess niether of them were really alcoholics. My mom would just drink from time to time and my dad only drinks one or two a day if that. Though when i was younger they both drank more. My dad was a belligerant drunk and at the very least would just talk about conspiracy theories and aliens. My mom was outgoing with friends but when they all left she was very depressed and i remember her just crying for no reason. My aunt was the type that would become very depressed and/or very promiscuous.

I have drank a couple of times to where i was drunk, i just dont see the point. I can have fun without it and i won't end up getting sick. I also don't want to turn out like my parents.

I have thought about it from time to time, especially since turning 21 but I would just feel like a hypocrit. Also I believe that any activity that requires me to be impaired to follow through-its just not worth doing.

Theres a comedian called Jim Gaffigan and he has a pretty funny skit about not drinking that i think really sums up the experience of a non-drinker. lol

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don't get me wrong. I do think of drinking. That's why I decided it wasn't a good idea. I feel like i'm predisposed to alcoholism because when things arereally hard I think "man, I'm just gonna drink till I can't remember this" so if I have that reaction without really being a drinker i can only imagine how bad it would be if i was. right now though. things have changed a little since I wrote this. I still dont get drunk because i really dont see a point in that. i have gone out a few more times. my rules for myself are 1. no drinking alone 2. no drinking when sad/angry 3. no drinking before 8pm 4. no drinking more than twice a week. 5. if i EVER drink to where i dont remember somehting the next day then I'm done drinking. Its working out for me so far. my parents stay in the back of my mind. <br />
I applaud your sobriety judadan I still enjoy being the sober one in the crowd, its pretty entertaining lol

Wow I commented two years late

I am an alcoholic! The only people I have been around after two years sobriety all "know" my story. Mostly old high school friends or ex fraternity brothers. <br />
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I normally just avoid the situation altogether, if there might be alcohol involved. Not that I doubt my own conviction, but because the "awkwardness" of explaining. I ALWAYS think of Gaffigan though! <br />
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Be grateful you don't have the desire to drink! Even non alcoholics can still feel obligated to drink in certain lifestyles. Great for you!!

You should be commended. I'm not a drunk but I turn to it to change my mood sometimes, when I need to block something out or feel better (I get depressed). Like your mum and aunt, I know all about getting depressed *after* alcohol as well, that's awful. <br />
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I think it's best not to drink.