So my mother had met a guy about 3 1/2 years ago and has been in our lives ever since. They had a baby together which I was very excited about but now I'm not so sure he's the right guy for the job. When I met him he was very rude. Called me names and names to my mother around the kids. He always played videos games and layed around with just his underwear on, on the couch. The man is a child! I am 18. The oldest of 4. So I've had experience with kids. I know what they need when their crank I know what they need to be happy and satisfied in life. Love, happiness, and care. My step day only knows one of those. My mom works weekends but stays home during the week. So when she leaves the baby with him the baby tends to cry a bunch, but doesn't cry when he leaves. I feel it's because he doesn't pay enough attention to her. On his days to watch her he chooses video games. So then I'm stuck watching her. It's not fair to me or the baby/: she is 16 months old and this is a very important time in her life to bond with parents and siblings. Everytime I say something my mom tells me not to get into it and then he starts to yell and cuss and her with the baby around. But how can I sit around and let it happen?? Anyways he still contines to do this and I want to make it stop. What should I do.
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Doesn't seem like you can do much from where you are, honestly I think if you're up for it you should try and raise the baby under your own supervision. If you really care that much that is.