Is there anyone out there who can tell me who, or what I am... If you can please tell me, I don't know. Story: My mother did not expect to be pregnant, after I was born I remember being held in my mothers arms, in a helicopter flying over and Irrupting volcano. I remember the heat of it, and how bright it was. (Makes me feel sad personally, that I was 'Unexpected'). When I was First sent to Day Care as a Child/toddle/Baby, 9 11 happened on that day. When I was little(6-7) I was living in a rented house with my family, I went out to the big backyard, I ran and everything slowed down and blurred for me, I was going fast, but only for a few seconds. When I was 7, 6 or 8(I don't remember my age at that time) I always walked back from my friends house at night, for three days It was a big, and bright full moon. I would walk right onto the Dead end, and say 'Please make me a wolf.'(Remember I was only little and didn't know anything) on those three nights , as I went to sleep those three days, I had no dreams but woke up with scratches on my body. After those three days I became stronger, Faster, Smarter, and my senses became more accurate,. I also became more aggressive and defensive. As I became older(10, 11, or 12), I looked up a WW(Werewolf) Spell(I still didn't know any better...) I tried as much as I could to do the spell correctly, but every time I tried, the odds were against me(Weather, and time). I gathered up my friends(or so called Friends), we went on my trampoline, and sat together in a circle, holding hand and hand. We closed our eyes, and said the wolf spell 10x. After we opened our eyes we saw a shield with two swords behind it, with a red Background. That night we fell asleep and dreamed of wolves. My Wolf= Pelt: Brown, Eyes Dark forest Green, Light tan underfur, and the marking/symbol/Discoloration I have on the center of my chest(No kidding), But his/hers was lighter instead of darker than the colors abound it... I don't know why but I always dream of Dragons, and flying... Sometimes I don have thoughts about drinking blood.(I don't know if it is that I need Iron in my body) Not so long ago I had a nightmare that warned me about August 14, 2014, it said 'Run from this Place before 'It' gets you..." in White letter with a full black background.(Idk if it is from stress or is a real warning from supernatural) I feel all the time that I am crooked inside, and outside. I Feel my body is sorted evenly between both good and bad luck, or bad fortune. After August 14, 2014, I woke up with only a few scratches, the inside of my ears were moist, and my nose was moist. after that day, I woke up feeling like I was dying inside, both my limbs on the left side of my body hurt when moving them or putting pressure on them. after a while I started to feel better.(I really don't know why they hurt or why I felt so bad that day) Still this day I have the pain in both limbs.

That, is basically all I know. I am No Troll, nor am I one who fools around with questions like ones above, in the story.
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If you have any answers, or Questions please tell me.