Why I Donate Blood.

I am proud to say that I donate blood. I'm on their call list whenever they are in my town. In Canada, you don't get paid to donate blood. That's ok since I would never accept it. I am doing it for personal reasons. Trust me.... I don't have a love affair with needles. I hate them with a passion but I just keep reminding myself why I am there.....

For one thing is that both my parents when they were sick needed blood transfusions. Its kind of a sad story. They smoked and were not fat but the diet that they consumed everyday was not exactly healthy. I'm trying not to repeat their mistakes. Such as smoking as the number one factor. I am proud to admit that I have never smoked in my life and would never get involved romantically with some one who smoked.

My Mother needed a heart and lung transplant. She was 52 when she went on life support. I watched nurses almost daily trying to save her life with blood transfusions. Nothing worked... Sad thing is she was alert and wasted away in front of my eyes. She died when she was 54. Nearly 2 years of hell watching her waste away and I couldn't do anything about it.......

My Father, on the other hand had heart attack after heart attack. He smoked up until the day they hooked my Mother up on life support. After loosing my Mother, 6 years later, I was face to face with my Father's doctor advising me that if my Father didn't get a heart and kidney transplant, he will die.... He died...

So you see, even though I hate needles, I will take the uncomfortable feeling anytime if I can help some one live.... The blood did buy both my parents more time... It gave me the time to say my good-byes.... It gave my Mother the chance to see me in my cap & hood to receive my degree. I was given special permission to wear it in intensive care to show her what I looked like. My Father... the blood bought time for me to just be with him. To take care of him.

So I have an appointment tonight at 7pm to donate again. Hey.. they give you free cookies and a drink after... Want to join me and save a life????
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I just wanted to thank you all, how do donatešŸ’š

My wife was having an affair with a cop and he gave my wife permission to poison me to death, I was a regular plasma donor at the time.
My wife's lover and his partners made sure I could not get help from 911 or from a hospital.
My hospital covered it up by refusing to take a toxicology test and police covered up my 911 calls they pretended after the fact my 911 calls were never made.
Because my wife was having an affair with a cop I was being denied emergency services and my calls for help were covered up.

Good for you to donate. I can longer give and this makes me sad.. so i went to work for a blood bank pat-time. it is my little way of giving back. I wish more people will realize how important this is before they or their family is in dire need of it. Hugs and Kisses.

In my life I have given 56 pints of blood. We don't get paid for it either in most parts of the US. I have not donated in about three years because I was treated horribly rudely by the (unionized) Red Cross staff that collected the blood last time. Two letters to thd Red Cross head quarters went unanswered. <br />
<br />
If they want donors, they need to treat them at least civilly. At the very least they need to be able to respond to written complaints. I happily return their requests for donations empty.

In the US we don't get paid either...

Thank you so much for donating. I donated blood a couple weeks ago, and I'm set to donate more in May.

I wish I could donate blood I would every time I was able to It helps people more than most realize. I volunteer at the functions instead, I'll actually be at one on Friday!

As someone who's life was saved by a blood transfusion thank you

I want to donate blood, even though I have a phobia of needles, even the thought of having a needle shoved in the crook of my arm makes me feel sick. I want to do it because it's a good thing to do. It will make me feel happy knowing that it could save someone's life. After all, I don't need all of it.

Yes you are great girl I salute you ! I had 2 times donated blood and my group is Bee -tive. i am proud of that.

I haven't been able to donate for a few years now - due to new piercings/tatts - but because of your story I am going to find out the next time I will be able. I'm one of those 'universal' donors (Blood type O+) so I feel extra obligation to donate. Thanks for sharing!

i am touched keep on doing your good works ,.wish i could do the same.its the little things that really change the world keep up your good works

in philippines we have lots of mobile for blood donations which came along in churches,schools etc. Its really a practice of me to donate blood and save lives . because i value each bags of live rbc. its free of charge im doing it for my family bec every bag u donate ul get the assurance of getting bags if u need it just show ur card n ul pay nothing. you helpd!

Ive donated blood many times and even had a blood transfusion because i was very anaemic and my iron levels were too low so i had a transfusion 2 bags of blood.

I had always donated as well starting in high school, then it was to get out of class and then it just turned into the right thing to do. Years later I went to the blood donation truck at my job and they gave me a questionnaire and stated I could not donate blood because I had lived oversears in the 80's ( something about mad cows disease) I had been over there with the military and YES we did have a lot of free ground meat but no one ever told me I was contagious or may have something. I was so embarrased having to leave like that... A few years later I got a phone message from some nurse stating that even though I had been turned down I could now come back and apply... I never went back to the truck.....

Kudos! <br />
sorry you lost your parents so young.<br />
Stay strong, and keep donating!

I give blood to in the UK I have the raist blood type AB neg so it great feeling that i can do some to help people if i could help evey1 god as my witness i would ...GIVE BLOOD SAVE LIFES

They won't take my blood...or at least that's what I was told a few years ago. I am a carrier for hemochromatosis, But I don't have it so I don't know why they won't take the blood.<br />
I guess it's a precaution.

Your story is amazing. God bless you, this is very inspirational. You're a hero!

I wish I could donate blood. I developed Hep A when I was 21 years old. Wikipedia explains: Hepatitis A (formerly known as infectious hepatitis and epidemical virus) is an acute infectious disease of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus (Hep A),[1] an RNA virus, usually spread the fecal-oral route; transmitted person-to-person by ingestion of contaminated food or water or through direct contact with an infectious person. Tens of millions of individuals worldwide are estimated to become infected with Hep A each year.[2] The time between infection and the appearance of the symptoms (the incubation period) is between two and six weeks and the average incubation period is 28 days.[3]<br />
<br />
My husband took me into a greasy spoon resturant in Beloit, Wisconsin and the rest is history.

i wish i could ,,but some swine gave me hepatitis years ago ,,only the one you get better from ,,but it stops me donating see,,, i find that hard as my dad needed loads of blood during his dieing days too ,,,so ,,,

Being thin has absolutely nothing to do with giving blood! I weighed in at a whopping 88 pounds and had a daughter who had to have transfusions and i gave ALOT I havent been able to for a few years becaue of meds im on, pernicious anemia...my blood floats to the top when they test it. NO IRON. i dont eat veggies either so that dont help.

Very beautiful of you. I should fallow your example. May God always keep you healthy :D


I donate blood as well. <br />
In my last year of highschool, my best friend and I got our school involved in donating blood because there was a competition across highschools in our community (and outside of our community). <br />
The school that could get the most participants in their school ba<x>sed on population would win money. We ended up getting the highest number of particpants in our school to donate but because we had the largest school our % was quite low. It became 'cool' to donate blood, like how it's considered 'cool' to smoke or not wear your seat belt in the car sort of idea. :P <br />
Her and I donated blood way before that started and it's a great cause.<br />
I always feel better about myself after I've done so.

You're such an inspiration! <br />
If I lost both of my parents because of what happened to you, I would most certainly follow in your footsteps. You're so brave. I'm looking into giving blood, even though I'm only 14 I still want to do it. To help out, and possibly save the life of a mother, or father. Someone who has to be in someone elses life. Thank you for making my choice final. Good luck, and continue! <3

Thats really wonderful. I used to donate blood while was in high school. But after high school, i lost a lot of weight and started feeling dizzy all the time. I still wish that 1 day i will able to do it again. Gal keep the good work up!

I'm so sorry for your losses, but appreciate them because they give you 1) a reason to donate blood & 2) a compelling story to share with others & help them realize why donating is sooo important. I'm so proud of you for learning from you parents' mistakes. I'm so proud that someone out there cares enough about OTHER people. Way to go and please keep donating!!! I wish I could donate, but unfortunately with my illness & the medication I take, I'm ineligible for donation...

I can't wait to donate blood...my mum got sick and needed blood..thats why i'm so thankyou that people donate it

What a lovely person you are !! Earth needs more like youwho are not doing such life-saving deeds for the money. I tried to donate my blood, but my iron was too low :( But they gave me a sticker that said "I tried!" Haha. =] <br />
Be blessed!

I think I will do it at least once. I thought I never would, because I have been in the hospital so many times, I AM SO SICK OF ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO W/ HOSPITALS, and I don't even want a needle stabbing me in the arm ever again. :] But I think I will try it at least once, and after that, who knows? X)

I used to donate blood a lot, but the last time I did it I got very woozy so don't do it anymore.

Here in Great Britain we don't get paid to donate blood either. I think every one should give it for free cos 1day you may need some yourself and I would not wish to buy it and I doubt any body else wants too.?? Keep up the good work.

I think that it is a wonderful thing to do. I donated for the first time about a month ago and got thoroughly sick. Not sure why. But I'm hoping to do it again in a month or so. I'm ok. The blood came back normal. Just not sure why I felt so faint.

I donate blood and when I'm done, I pat myself on the back because I did something sooo wonderful, I also do it for the $$ and cookies.

Everyone that can donate blood, I am proud of you and thankful... so very thankful. Without people like you, my mom could have died at one point. I would donate blood myself, but I can not as I have HepC. I didn't get it from doing drugs or drinking a lot, I got it from being born because my mom had it. from a tat she got before I was born.

In usa you dont get payed for donation of blood But after you donate so much blood they will give you so much free should you or a family member ever need blood for an accident or medical condition . Thankfully I have not had to take them up on the offer. The thought of someone eles's blood in me creeps me out but I would do it if I had to for my boys. I am proud to say I am a member of two blood donation <br />
organizations. Mississippi Blood and United <br />
Blood services. Although sometimes I have to miss going to donate because its been to soon or I have an infection. I found out 7 years ago that my blood type is o-. For those of you that don't know it is the universal blood type. Only 9% of the world have my blood type because of my vactionations it make it that much rare. I have had bad asthma since the time I was a child and the first time I went to donate blood I <br />
was scared because I associate needles with iv's and all the hospital visits I had as a child. I went with my husband for support and was going to back out but he was there with me the hole <br />
time. When we went in the RV I seen this little girl sitting on the bench playing with her doll that appered healthy and her mother was telling them that she would like to donate her blood to <br />
her little girl. Curous I asked her what was <br />
wrong with her daughter. She told me that she <br />
has a disorter, that she will need transfutions <br />
maybe for the rest of her life. That her girl is O- and theres short supply because its a rare type and not enough people donate with that type. <br />
So here was this little girl that was no older than I was at as a child going through all the needles, IV's and hospital visits just as I had to. I made up my mind to go through with it then. I <br />
told the lady that was taking my blood for donation that I wanted to donate mine for that little girl who latter I found out was named Nicole. I guess the lady asked the mother what her daughters name was or something like that. Either way Mary found out what I had done <br />
because when we were walking back to the car I heard someone screaming wait please wait. I<br />
turned to see that it was the Mary and her daughter wanting me to stop. When Mary reached me she was in tears. She told me that she really appricates what I did and her girl and Nicole wanted to thank me. Nicole thanked me and gave me a hug and told me I was brave. Really it was not me at all, it was Nicole that was <br />
the brave one. We have keep in touch all these <br />
years but one year ago today August 12,2010 I found out that Nicole had past away. She told me once that she wanted to be a doctor to help other kids that are sick. She would have made a great doctor. She was kind, loving and smart. They got hit by a drunk driver on the way back from picking her daughter at school. She was only six years old with her hole life ahead of her when it wad cut short. Today I donate in her memory and because if something were ever to happen to my boys (knock on wood) I would want someone to be as Nicole was and brave enough to donate for them. If it wasnt for <br />
this little girl Nicole that I meet 4 years ago plying on a bench with her doll I would have never had the chance to help others. Please don't drink and drive. If you don't lill yourself you will kill someone else and distroy someone else's and your own. Please donate 30 minutes to an hour and a half to save someones life. RIP Nicole.

yeah....in ours, they give free juice and sandwich. I remembered once that we ate all the food left after donation....hehe

I applaud you!!! May all the good things in life come your way.

I used to donate all the time but I had to take a break the past few years because of visits to malaria infected countries. I look forward to donating again as, though I don't relish having a needle stuck in my arm, the thought that I may be saving a few lives is exhilarating.

Your story is very touching. A hug from me to you.

And then there is platelet donation. It takes longer than blood because you own blood is put back into you minus the platelets. Not too much longer if it can come from one arm and go back in the other but for me they had to use a special machine that would alternate drawing and replacing in the same arm.

As an RN, I did platelet apheresis..Donors such as you , all donors should be commended!!!And, I thank you.all.

I've heard about an hour to an hour and a half. That's a small piece of your day to help save a life.

Thanks for sharing your story. Your insight is sad but inspiring at the same time. They no longer pay for blood donations that I know of in the U.S., There was a time that my wife and I would donate Plasma, and get money for it and it paid many a bill at the time or put food on the table. Yet again they no longer run that program.<br />
I will always make time to donate, and my wife would, but it effects her in a bad way and she is sick for about 3-4 days after. I have no problems. I am very proud to say that our youngest son(16) came home very upset from school one day and told us the blood mobile had come to the school and many of the kids were able to donate blood. He was not and it really upset him.<br />
About a month ago we took the time to go into a blood center and being his first time he didn't pass his screening, his blood pressure was up a little to high, I think it was nerves and so we had to return the following day, then he was able to donate. He was very happy to and looks forward to doing again soon.<br />
As with my wife, some are unable to donate, but there are things you can do as well, be a greeter at the center, help by doing something to get others started or put together a blood drive of your own. Thanks to all of you that can donate and those of you that are here because of the gold in your veins donated by strangers or loved ones, give back when you can. Give LIfe, Give Blood.

I wish more of us Canadians were encouraged to donate, unfortunately we are not. I think paying people to donate, would actually encourage more of those selfish people to do so.

I just donated blood today myself. Its a good habit to get into.

I love to donate as well! It makes me feel I'm doing a small part, but you're right, donate once...save three lives!

I always wanted to donate blood but I am anemic.

Hi,<br />
Just want to say thanks to you and all those others who do donate blood. I had an Acute Abdominal Aneurysm that burst back in July 2003. The mortality (death) rate is 95%. An Acute abdominal aneurysm is when an ulcer eats into the nerve running in front of the stomach. This nerve covers a main artery which in turn gets eaten into by the ulcer. In my case, this started showing because the blood leaked into my stomach. Not much that one could actually notice, but when I went to the toilet, there was often a couple of drops of blood in the toilet bowl.<br />
<br />
Anyhow, none of the quacks I saw could tell me what was wrong and eventually the thing made a sizable hole and instead of going to the toilet, I passed out just as I went to sit on the toilet at my brother's house. He and his wife got the ambulance and I was whisked off to the hospital.<br />
<br />
Before they could operate, they had to pump 13 bags of blood into me. And that was for an emergency operation. I will never know whose blood it was that they gave me, but I am grateful to those people who donated their blood because it helped save my life.<br />
<br />
I am unable to donate myself due to medical reasons, but thank those who are able to and do.<br />
<br />
so to folks like yourself - THANK YOU!

Just donated tonite for the 43rd time; my first was to help my sons friend who had cancer and was having a stem cell (his own) transplant. I donated for him and so did the father of another friend and believe it or not those two pints of blood were all that he needed after surgery. He is now an oncologist himself. I couldn't bring myself not to donate after that//\...just seems to be the right thing to do. Doesn't hurt and certainly doesn't take alot of time<br />
<br />
For anyone who doesn't donate...think about it...its simple and does so much good.<br />
<br />
Mom of 5

By the way, isn't there a procedure to detect traces of mad cow disease? Is it necessary to reject all European blood upfront without further test? Maybe it's too expensive, but what about lack of blood, how are they going to get the quantity they need? I would say, itĀ“s their loss, but actually is not hospitals or blood org's loss, it's individual people's loss, which is not good. Well, someday....

It just seems like the responsible thing for a Canadian to do!

I just donated blood last month, its my third year actually.. I just dont look at the needles because if I did im sure im going to freak out.. <br />
<br />
its actually a healthy thing to donate blood once year.. it cleans our system..<br />
<br />
and yeah, it can save a life.. which is the most important thing...

I was a blood donor in England but since I moved to Ireland I can't give blood due to the mad cow disease threat which is deemed to be a problem if you lived in England in the 1980s. Ironically I was a vegetarian during that period ... but you can't argue with automatons can you? It's Ireland's loss ... I can just give blood when I'm back in England again. I'm also on the bone marrow register in England too, which is another worthwhile thing to be involved with.

I'd love to donate blood here in Canada, as I used to do back in Spain, even donated platelets, but due to mad cows disease, European blood is not accepted in Canada :( I'll have to wait some more years until my blood gets clean.

That's good, your a hero. Donating blood is not easy.

I wish I could do what you do to help out so many people, but I've always been too light weight to donate. The only time I tried, I broke out in a cold sweat and came incredibly close to passing out.

Sorry for your loss. My father died of a heart attack. He was a smoker most of his life; couldn't quit...until after he was hospitalized the first time. He is convinced that it was because he got the blood of a non-smoker and it cleaned out his system. Not sure if there is any merit to his belief, but it's also something to consider. He went on to live many years after his first heart attack, but the damage was done and eventually ended his life. I too have given blood many times. The sad thing is that I am a universal recipient. Lucky for me, but unfortunate that only those with my blood type can benefit however.

I donated blood for years, tried to do it every 10 weeks (the minimum time between donations in Australia). I've just been diagnosed with Leukaemia, so occasionally I am now on the receiving end. Thanks to all who donate!!!

@ SaveWorldSaveYourself<br />
You can be a bone marrow donor. You can register and possibly save a person's life from cancer.... :)

I Donate My Blood So It Can Go To Someone Who Actually Wants It, If It Stayed With Me It Would Eventually Be Soaked Up My A Towel.

I've donated several times myself and it is one of the best things to do to help another person. I'm not a fan of needles either but I always consider myself lucky if I get a person skilled in inserting needles into a vein because it only feels like a tiny *****.

What you are doing is more valuable than the cookies. Well done and keep up the spirit. I tried donating several times but they did not let me either because of my weight, i didnt have enough blood etc. otherwise I also would love to.

i give blood ,just given my 60 th pint and proud of it too;

I weigh about 103 lbs or so and I am 5 feet and 3 inches tall. To my knowlede, I am not allowed to donate because of my size. Is there anything else I can donate? I am on the list for Organ Donors if I die.

I give blood every chance I get, which is, I believe every 52 days! Its easy and being a big healthy guy I can afford it!

I have a friend who donates about once a month or so, he got a plaque for 5 gallons., and I do whenever possible and lately I have started giving platelets.

I had tried giving blood when I was younger, but had such an autonomic reaction to needles that I found I just couldn't do it. I knew it was a good thing to do and always wished I could. The needle thing just got in my way.<br />
<br />
Then years later, I was mis-diagnosed with hemochromotosis which led to having to have a pint of blood taken once a week for months, slowly slacking off but continuing over a long period of time. I got used to the needles, but because I was an 'unwilling donor' they couldn't use the blood and instead had to throw it out.<br />
Thankfully I went to another doctor who said I really had nothing wrong with me. Now I'm used to needles and went to give blood again. Sadly, I have some sinus issues and when I went to donate I said as much - and they had to tell me I couldn't donate - I might have the flu or something. It turned me off so much I've not been in a mood to go back. I feel bad about it, but the experience really bothered me.<br />
I have the greatest respect for those who give blood on a regular basis. My wife did until she had a medical issue herself which prevents her from donating. My daughter does, however, on a regular basis.

In the UK when you have given 100 donations you are given a special presentation. I am not sure what it is now but when I was giving it was a Wedgewood plate with a blood service logo and I have two of them. <br />
I stopped when I was having treatment for high blood pressure and now I am too old but at 200 plus donations I reckon I have done my bit

Thanks RichieRich78!! I'm scheduled to go again on the 27th of September... then again in November. So I'm already building up my iron so I won't get rejected! lol... <br />
<br />
I'm glad u are doing ok..... :)

As a recipient of many blood transfusions, I thank you. <br />
<br />
Have been on both sides of this equation and believe you-me, giving is far better - than receiving. BOTH sides are rewarding as you understand you are receiving a very special gift on one end and are smart enough to realize how important it is that YOU matter and give unto yourself.

You are welcome :)

Thank you Salar1 :) I appreciate your comment. I've been donating for years. Makes me feel like I am helping....<br />
<br />
Have a great evening :)<br />
<br />
Naturegirl27 :)

You are now a member of a select group , the life savers well done n72.....

Hi BooginInTheRain,<br />
Yes, I do it because just giving blood once, can save 3 people's lives. I did have a slight problem for the first time last night when I donated blood. They could not stop the bleeding. It was a little freaky because as I was eating my cookies, I had lost a lot of blood. I am ok now and I will still do it again without hesitation. I am booked in September and also November.... :)