Iron Deficiency

Any chance I get I donate blood, however sometimes the iron in my blood is too low by just a little bit and I cannot donate. I found that if I take a multi-vitamin with a high iron content it helps, but I have to take it for a long time before donating. I am a vegetarian, anyone have any other ideas for increasing iron?
jenn1800 jenn1800
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 30, 2010

I have low iron as well and had to stop donating. I went to work at the blood bank in order to give back.... You can drink Orange Juice and take a supplement with it if the doctor say sit is ok. Vit C helps the body obsorb iron from your food.

Hi Jenn, I also have the same problem. I have been deferred from donating occasionally because of it. I don't know how you feel about adding to your supplemental vitamin intake, but I take an iron only daily dietary supplement. I use the CVS generic brand that is equivalent to the name brand, which is: Feosol. It has 65 mg (usp), which is equivalent to 325 mg ferrous sulfate

Hi jenn , I too have low iron. I bought a smoothie maker and consume lots of spinach, carrots, apples and beet. Red meat also help but dont use tea or coffee before the nutrients ( precious iron ) is absorbed, about 2 hours after eating. Beware of too much multivits, you're just creating very expensive urine. (-: good luck