They Died Because There Was No Blood.

Tears filled my eyes,i can't even imagine,it was so painful,more than even when i lost my mum.
One early morning i walked to a village health centre for treatment,while we sat and waited for the doctors to work on us, A lady came inĀ  a hurry,she held a two year old kid who looked like a one week born,the kid was seriously ill,she passed quickly and entered,into the Doctor room,"your child is suffring from kwashikor,she has no blood,you will need to go to the main hospital and see IF,yo can get blood"this part of what i heard the doctor say,at the hospital,there wasn't even a single drip of blood to save the miserable girl, i felt it so hurting,i wish i could,but i didn't,the young girl was later taken to the hospital but soon died because the was no blood given to her in time,Very sorry,....I later visited a main hospital and realised it was almost the same, a lady who went on surgery died in the hands of a doctor,just because there was no blood and this is the biggest hospital in the town.

From tha moment I felt srongly that even a single drop would count,i started donating blood in 2009,and am happy to tell you that this morning while i walk by my former school,i found a redcross van and did donate!!! I reall love it, too can....make that kid live just one more second,minute,hour,week,month,year?...yes you can and you are the only blood saves life.

Blood Donor From Uganda
Merias Merias
18-21, M
3 Responses Nov 15, 2010

iv always thought about giving blood but your story has made up my mind for me. im determined to donate blood now =)

Thnx for the wonderful story! I donated last year! But after donating I kept fainting and it took four days for me to recover but when I become extremly healthy I will continue to donate blood :)

Always my friend!