Sometimes The Silver Lining In A Dark Cloud

I try to donate whole blood every eight weeks, and I have been mostly successful at doing that for the past 22 years. Recently, I changed employers and accepted a traveling job. From week to week, I did not know where I would have to be, and it made finding a mobile donation close to home or work very difficult. Blood drives organized by church groups, civic organizations, and universities are wonderful, but they are very hit or miss, unless I have an entire day to devote to a donation. I no longer work in the downtown area of a major city, where I could always find a convenient opportunity to donate within walking distance of work.

I volunteered for a six-month work assignment in another city. After three days of airline middle seats, trying to get my luggage onto crowded subways, long lines for coffee, not having a security access card at work, and the usual joy of the workplace, I took a deep breath and decided to see if there was a donation center near my temporary workplace. I had started questioning the wisdom of what I had gotten myself into. It had also been 11 weeks since my last donation, and I couldn't match my free time with a mobile blood drive. It turns out that there is a huge permanent Red Cross donation center within walking distance of my six-month work location. I am good for the next 8 weeks and I know right where to go when day 57 rolls around.

I am feeling much better about this work situation already.

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2011

I applaud you for donating and only wish I could. I'm unable and it's a shame because I have no fear whatsoever of needles and the process. I pray for the day that they can test all blood and allow anyone who likes to donate!.....

I can understand them being concerned with things as your pressure, and causing you harm. The part about blood being acceptable for whatever reason is what I don't understand. Don't they test all blood donated? If mine were not acceptable couldn't they reject me at that point instead? I hope you're right that someday they will change the process.

rather than donate blood, i sell plasma. times are tight and my family needs the

I am unable to donate for some reason. I faint--not from the process, but because of what it does to me physiologically speaking; it weakens me I guess. The one time I attempted it, it took me so long to recover it scared everyone. I was told not to do it again, that some people just cannot donate.<br />
However, my has ex donated all of his adult life--like you, and we used to get calls at the house because he has a rare blood type. Because we were regularly getting called it made me understand just how great the need is--always, and just what an important contribution it is to humankind. <br />
You, by making the effort, as he did--save lives. It brings tears to my eyes to think about it, such a simple thing for some people (like him, and yourself), but yet such a pure and selfless act of generosity and true altruism. (especially when one considers the effort you put into figuring out how to do it on a regular basis).<br />
Thank you. <br />
Fate is funny. I guess they need you there. <br />
Way to find the silver lining.