First Time..

Well, on 19th March 2K8, i gotta call from my friend Sathish.. that some guys would be donating blood that evening. I said yes..ok alright..

That was my first day in donating blood.. im thrilled.. and i really wanted to know the blood group. Until that time i didn't know my group..

I really scared of that.. taking the blood. blah blah..the sister gave me one ball to pump.. instead of pumping i jus watch the Mr. Bean Series...  jus b4 where i was laying..  i really tasted the pain.. :)

and one by one left who came with me.. suddenly the sister came to me.. hey man jus pump.... then only i gotta know the use of the ball .....

i jus did what she said..  and i finished my blood donation succesfully.. and i gotta know that i belonged to o+ve..


tsanandh tsanandh
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5 Responses Mar 22, 2008

Well done. Giving blood of any type is a great gift to give to another. Continue to donate when you can.

See, I comment

It's a great thing to do...I tried many times but was rarely successful for one reason or another, so reluctantly gave up, but I may try again sometime.<br />
I believe O+ is one of the most useful groups to belong to as far as donating goes as most people can accept it! : ) You will be in popular demand! I hope you can keep donating....

You are brave! I've never been able to bring myself to donate blood..... too much of a coward.

Well done!