Donating Blood and Plasma

I started donating blood many years ago, back in the '70's.  I had donor accounts set up for everyone in my family.  The blood back was right across the street from the shop I worked at.  Then I got a job with Big Blue and they always had blood drives.  They would have the blood bank come into a conference room and people could donate during their normal work day.  A group of us would always go down together and then we would have races as to who could pump it out the fastest. 

Well, now living in Texas, the blood bank is not very convenient to get to, but there is a place that you can donate plasma which is very close to me.  Donating plasma, you can donate 2 times a week basically every week. 

By donating plasma, it forces me to eat healthier, drink more water and just in general take better care of myself.  It also gives me a good feeling inside that I am able to help others.

dorado dorado
51-55, M
1 Response Mar 27, 2008

I agree with you! I feel a need to take care of myself better when I donate blood. Coz you start seeing yourself as more than yourself. Your blood is a gift of life and that you would want your gift to be in good condition when you give it to others. And taking care of yourself allow you to continue giving. This is how I thought when I started donating blood. (: