I Have Dontated Once, And Plan To Do So Again :)

My mam took my in the summer with her to donate blood, I am 17 and it was the first time, I was scared but my mam has been doing it for years and told me where they took the blood and how it saves lives, I am proud to say I have done it and the next time they are in my town I will do it again :)
CarysAnn CarysAnn 18-21, F 3 Responses Dec 12, 2011

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Well I have been donated blood for the past 22 years I give every two weeks like clock work well it not really blood its plasma the white cells in the blood I should give blood it's quicker and faster but plasma take about a hour something but they told me the need plasma more I could give blood but that would mean I would have to stop giving plasma because you can not do both some times I give double all though my body does not like it when I give double and it take more time I stopped giving double because the nurse say's "Hey you give once and that's enough and very nice lady,

Good luck, long may you donate your blood

Good for you. I have donated blood as well for several years. Recently I was told my blood is no longer suitable for donation. I was more upset about it than I should have expected. It is little to give yet does so much good; so I hope you donate blood for a good long time.