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About once in three months, I go with my friends to the local blood donation spot (what is it actually called?) and we chat, ferociously abuse the change to eat free food and lighheartedly tease the needle fearing members of our small group. And donate blood, of course. It's so fun that I can't even think of it as a charity or a similar good deed.

It's more a social gathering for me than everything else. I don't fear needles, I kind of like the feeling of it piercing my skin. Naturally we bet whose bags fills up the fastest, and for some reason I'm always the last! Damn this slow blood of mine!

But no negative experiences here. The local office is small and cozy, the staff is friendly and chatty. Honestly, the most painful part in donating blood is removing the bandage in your arm afterwards.
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Every time I have tried to donate blood my iron has always been too low. I should probably get on some vitamins and keep trying. My O negative blood is always needed : /

Great to hear a younger woman as youself takes the time to donate! I to give several times a year i always give double reds when i donate you don't have to go as much and they get twice as much from me!

I don't know of a specific word for a blood donation place, in America we would either call it a donation center or perhaps a blood drive, though that would more likely be a special event rather than a permanent location. I don't donate I just thought I would answer your question.