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Everyone Should Do It....

I started when I was 23......I am O negative....they always want my blood.......I cried the first time.......just realizing that I had potentially saved the lives of three people with that one donation,.......amazing feeling......if you haven't done it....please do......they are always in need of donors.....
NotHisBabydoll NotHisBabydoll 41-45, F 5 Responses Jan 30, 2012

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I am O+. By some accounts this is the group that the blood banks count on most for daily needs. I started giving as soon as I could - age 18. Looked forward to giving over 10 gallons - but I had a period where my blood pressure went too high. It is under control now, and I am now over 8 gallons donated.

good for you :) I haven't donated for a long time, but I used to donate regularly too....I am also an organ donor and hope that one day my death will mean life for someone else. It's a good feeling to know you're helping someone...potentially saving a life.

Had a number of transfusions as achild (< 1 yo) so decided that I should donate<br />
I am AB Rhesus Positive - Transfusion Service (UK) tell me that only 2% of people are this ....that is scarey...hope there are plenty of donors should I need blood

I wish I could donate, you and all who donate are wonderful

Why cant you?

Type 1 Diabetic

I would be more than happy to donate but I don't think I can because of the medications that I have to take on a daily routine for chronic pain, depression, high blood pressure, panic attacks/OCD, and asthma/chronic bronchitis. I am not sure, but how can I find out if that would prevent me from donating blood? I used to donate years ago, before I got some of the conditions I have and am being treated for now.

Go to a session or contact them on line &amp; ask the question -- I did

@ hotwilly, thank you, will do that. I would be more than happy to donate if at all possible.